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Shark Tank Gift Ideas

Prank Fake Product Gift Box Shark Tank

Prank-O Fake Product Gift Boxes

A good sense of humor undoubtedly comes in handy in the life of an entrepreneur, something to lighten the mood during times of stress or adversity. But Ryan Walther, Arik Nordby, and Ryan Dolan, took the concept of humor to a whole new level. They managed to create a profitable business selling empty boxes –…

Bottlekeeper Shark Tank

BottleKeeper Insulated Beer Bottle Holder

Although warm beer may be popular in England, most beer lovers in the States would probably rather drink water from the kitchen tap and use the warm beer as a hair rinse! Cousins Adam Callinan and Matt Campbell were no exception. They loved to hang out on the beach, basking in the sun and sipping…

Butter Cloth Shirt Shark Tank

Butter Cloth Shirts

Do I want to look really sharp, or do I want to be comfortable? This is the dilemma that the average man likely faces numerous times when dressing for a variety of important occasions. Let’s face it—nothing is as comfortable as a soft t-shirt, but a classy button-down shirt really does make a man look…

Bouquet Bar Shark Tank

Bouquet Bar Gift Boxes

I recently came across a list of rules for gift giving. A gift needs to be personal (that leaves out gift cards), thoughtful (ditto), beautifully wrapped (ditto) and surprising. I immediately thought of the Bouquet Bar, where superb floral designs merge with innovative, high-quality treats for gifts that not only put the art back into…

Frywall shark tank

Frywall – Splatter Guard For Frying Pans

Bacon sizzling on the grill, donuts cooking in bubbling oil, fried chicken, or latkes! What possible negative associations could there be with these culinary delights? Yair Reiner, founder and CEO of Gowanus Kitchen Lab, had the same problem experienced by anyone else who has tried making these delicious foods. Frying oil splatters everywhere—stove, countertop, the…

detrapel shark tank

DetraPel Liquid Stain Repellent Spray

If only…Luke hadn’t dribbled soup on his tie before the interview. Emma hadn’t muddied her shoes on her way to meet the new fellow’s parents. Brad’s fast-food ketchup hadn’t settled into his car’s passenger seat (and then his date’s coat). Their days would have gone so much better if only they had treated the tie,…

the comfy shark tank

The Original Comfy

Michael Speciale, of Phoenix, Arizona, was going through a difficult time in early 2017 and was staying with his brother, Brian. One day he was walking through the living room and noticed his 7-year-old nephew lounging on the sofa wearing one of his father’s old hoodies. Next to him was a soft, “comfy” looking blanket….

grypmat tool shark tank

Grypmat Non-Slip Flexible Tool Tray

Tom Burden joined the military right out of high school and was trained to work on F16’s in the Air Force. After his service, he was studying for a degree in mechanical engineering and working on aircraft for the Air National Guard in Toledo, Ohio. But he faced a problem common to anyone doing mechanical…

smartgurlz shark tank 1b

SmartGurlz Coding Robot Dolls

The world’s first-ever coding robot for girls is one of the hottest new dolls to hit the toy scene. SmartGurlz, a Danish company at the forefront of high-tech gadgets targeting 6 to 12-year-old girls across the globe, is focused on teaching girls to code while engaging in imaginative play that’s fun and strengthens self-confidence. Educational…

Dreampad pillow shark tank

Dreampad Pillow Plays Music to Help You Fall Asleep

Counting sheep was never really a sure-fire way to help someone fall asleep, and now that an exciting new technology is available, those sheep are going to be history. The product behind this breakthrough is Dreampad, and the company that created it has found a way to create a pillow that has built-in sound technology…

geoorbital wheel shark tank

GeoOrbital Wheel – Electric Wheel For Bicycles

Created by a team of actual rocket scientists – as well as inventors and experts who have worked on projects for SpaceX, Ford’s electric cars, and the Peace Corps – the GeoOrbital wheel is a fun but utilitarian invention that transforms your bicycle into a powerful electric vehicle. The innovative GeoOrbital wheel replaces the front…

ice shaker shark tank

Ice Shaker Insulated Protein Shaker Bottle

As a former fullback for the Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos, Chris Gronkowski is no stranger to working out and everything that goes along with it. That includes protein drinks, which are typically mixed in shaker bottles with a built-in agitator. When it comes to protein shakes, Chris’ mantra is “drink clean…

rocketbook notebook shark tank

RocketBook Wave Smart Notebook

Paper notebooks are cool, with their playful cover artwork and old-school feel. Digital notebooks are efficient, with their easy to share, easy to read (usually easy to find) data storage. With Rocketbook Wave, there’s finally an intelligent—and awesome—combination of the two. Created by Cambridge University grads, this physical-meets-digital creation is the best of both worlds….

thompson tee sweat proof shark tank

Thompson Sweat Proof Undershirts

It’s a truly embarrassing (and often super-secret) condition: over-sweating. As a sufferer of hyperhidrosis, the clinical term of excessive regular sweating, Billy Thompson tried everything to alleviate his underarm dampness. From ritualistic deodorant practices to banning colored shirts from his wardrobe, Thompson had done it all—but to no effect. That’s why he paired with apparel…

wallet buckle shark tank

Wallet Buckle

We’ve all been there: paring down the “necessities” in our handbags and pulling out weeks’ worth of receipts from our wallets to lighten our loads for a night out. Whether you’re headed out to a concert, outdoor event, or simply headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things, the last thing you…

rumi spice saffron shark tank

Rumi Spice Saffron

When one thinks of American fine-dining cuisine, the harsh environment of Afghanistan may not come to mind. For Kim Jung, Emily Miller and Keith Alaniz, the region is close to heart. That’s because the three co-founders of Rumi Spice, a company that sources one of the most prized spices in the world—Saffron—have spent so much…

scooping bowl peoples design shark tank

All-In-One Scooping Bowl – Peoples Design

UPDATE: The Scooping Bowl is now being sold under the name Squeebie Multi-Purpose Mixing Bowl Take a look in your kitchen. There are bowls everywhere! You use one bowl to mix dry ingredients, another bowl to mix wet ingredients, and yet another bowl to serve. So many bowls, so many trips to the sink ……

GOVERRE wine cup shark tank

Goverre Sippy Cup For Wine

There’s hardly a thing that brings people together faster (and keeps them around longer) than a great glass of chilled wine. One glass becomes two, which becomes three, which ends with the entire room as best friends. Shannon Zappala and Regan Kelaher have helped make this process a little easier with Goverre, a beautiful, inconspicuous…


Guardian Bikes – World’s Safest Bicycles

Bicycling has become one of the most popular fitness pastimes for adults around the world, but for kids, technology just hasn’t kept up. While it’s certainly important to prevent injuries while cycling on dirt trails in the mountaintops, Brian Riley and Kyle Jansen knew that what was just as important—maybe even more important—was keeping a…

guard llama shark tank 1

Guard Llama Personal Safety Device Calls 911

A llama is probably not the fiercest animal you can think of in regards to protection, but for Joseph Parisi and Nick Nevarez, it was the perfect inspiration for their innovative Bluetooth 911 signal, the Guard Llama. This tiny, simple device is ideal for anyone concerned about their safety when moving out and about in…

shark tank seedsheets gardens

Seedsheets Garden Kits

Cam MacKugler was a gardening guru long before he launched Seedsheet in 2015. As a LEED Project Manager, MacKugler helped ensure his architecture firm built sustainable elements for its projects. It was while “farm-sitting” for a co-worker that he came up with the idea for a simple, seed-packed sheet that would easily lay on any…


Blendtique – Create Your Own Wine Blend

The world loves wine, that’s a fact. More than liquor, more than craft beer, more than bathtub-made moonshine … we love wine. The founder of Blendtique Wine Company, Billy Dim, really loves wine. During his time working in and around the Santa Ynez Valley wine industry in California, Dim witnessed the explosion of a few…

sand cloud towel shark tank

Sand Cloud Turkish Towels

Nothing can ruin a perfectly awesome day at the beach like scorching hot sand. Bruno Aschidamini and friends Steven Ford and Brandon Leibel, wanted to solve the issue of burning feet and uncomfortable oceanside naps. Their company, Sand Cloud Towels, is an innovative take on a problem that doubles as a charitable organization. Since 2014, the…

toymail shark tank toys

Toymail Plush Toy and Message App For Kids

Toymail is the modern-day walkie-talkie you’ve always dreamed of. Putting a smartphone in your child’s hands is often the last thing a parent wants to do, but in our techy modern world, sometimes it’s the only option. With moms and dads spending so much time away from home, and kids having so much exposure to…

edn-wallgarden shark tank

ēdn – Smart Automated Indoor Gardens

A dirt-less, automated garden, planted on the wall of your own kitchen may sound a little “space age”, and that’s because it is. Edntech, a Colorado-based tech company owned by Ryan Woltz, created the first Edn Garden to be an indoor zen garden that makes it easier than ever to grow your own food. This…

bitsbox shark tank

Bitsbox – Teaches Kids to Code

Bitsbox is one of just a few subscription-based services aimed directly for kids, and likely the first with a tech spin. While teaching kids to code has taken a turn toward being “cool”, it remains a skill that isn’t taught much in schools or outside the classroom. Given that computer, tablet and smartphone usage is…


Firefighter Turnout Bags

Turning someone’s trash into another person’s treasure has become a hot trend in recent years. From literal trash to military uniforms, there’s something special about creating custom pieces from materials that have lived out their original lives in another form. Niki Rasor is one of those people, a pioneer in the industry of creating one-of-a-kind…

rinsekit portable shower shark tank

RinseKit – Portable Sprayer and Shower

As an avid surfer, Chris Crawford frequently struggled to keep salt water and sand out of his car, and not show up for work smelling like the beach. With no easy way to clean up, what was he supposed to do? Invent a solution. What started as a prototype in his garage has become a…


Pinblock – Building Blocks That Move

Ukranian immigrant Vladislav Smolyankyy relocated to the United States in 2006 with the intent of restarting his life, learning all he could and exploring his passion for business. In 2014, in his New York City apartment, he and a friend arrived at the concept of Pinblock, the new-age upgrade to that old familiar building block…


Victory Coffees

As a former NAVY Seal, Cade Courtley knows a thing or two about what it means to have a really, like really rough day. He’s found himself in some tough situations, and recalls that the best part of waking up (maybe sometimes the only good part of waking up) was the hot cup of coffee…


Naturally Perfect Dolls

UPDATE: Naturally Perfect Dolls changed their brand name to Mayzeepedia in 2017. The new website has been abandoned and the company appears to be out of business When Jason and Angelica Sweeting’s young daughter Sophia expressed a dislike for her natural curly hair and brown skin, the couple wanted to do something to help her…


Hand Out Gloves – Free Your Fingers

Jake Sullivan, creator of Hand Out Gloves, grew up snowboarding in Utah and has spent a lot of time on the slopes, chair lifts, and trekking through the back country. His gloves were always getting in the way when doing simple tasks like grabbing his phone or adjusting his gear. He would struggle to get…


Nomiku Sous Vide Cooker

Sous vide (French for “under vacuum”) is a cooking technique in which food is cooked in sealed plastic bags in a controlled temperature hot water bath. Often times food is cooked at much lower temperatures than typically used with other cooking methods, and for a longer period of time. The sous vide technique retains moisture…


ENERGYbits Algae Tablets

Based in Boston, EnergyBits offers an exciting new line of nutrient dense tablets (bits) composed of two types of algae, spirulina and chlorella. Athletes have been the early adopters of taking these algae tablets and widely report more energy, more stamina, easier toning, and shorter recovery times. Health conscious consumers and people looking for a…


Eco Flower – Flowers Made From Wood and Recycled Materials

UPDATE: Eco Flower is out of business. Megan has a new company called Sola Wood Flowers Serial entrepreneur and crafter Megan Chapman pitches Eco Flower, handmade flowers created from wood and recycled materials, in Episode 7 Season 8 of Shark Tank. In high school, Megan received a hand carved wooden flower from a friend who…


Sunscreenr – UV Camera Shows Sunscreen Coverage

There are over 1 million cases of skin cancer each year in the US alone, despite the fact that it is the most preventable type of cancer. Using SPF 30 sunscreen reduces your chances of skin cancer by 80%, the problem is most people don’t apply enough and don’t realize when it has worn off….


Safe Grabs – Microwave Mat Prevents Finger Burns

When Cyndi Lee burned her fingers grabbing a hot bowl from the microwave she was struck with inspiration. If you’ve ever nuked a non microwave-safe mug or bowl then you know her pain. You may have tried to grab it with a regular oven mitt, only to dip your thumb in your soup. Safe Grabs…


Solemates – High Heel Protector Cap

CoFounders, Monica Ferguson and Becca Brown pitch their product Solemates on Episode 4, Season 8 of Shark Tank. Solemates are protective plastic sleeves that slip over the heel of a high heeled shoe, protecting them from damage and providing extra stability. Heels can easily be ruined when they sink into grass, sand, gravel, or other…


Night Runner 270 – Shoe Lights for Night Running

Orlando-based husband and wife inventors, and long-time fans of Shark Tank, Doug and Renata Storer pitch their product Night Runner 270 on Episode 3, Season 8. The inspiration came to Doug while he was training for the New York Marathon. While on a nighttime run, he tripped on a pothole in the dark. His injuries…


Goodhangups – Magnetic Poster Hanging System

Leslie Pierson, the founder of GoodHangups, pitches her product on episode 2, season 8 of Shark Tank. GoodHangups are an ingenious solution for hanging posters and notes that do no damage to your artwork or walls, are easy to reposition, reusable, removable, and can work on almost any surface including brick, wood, plaster, tile, concrete, glass and more….


Fish Call – Fish Attractor

16 year old Jack Danos and his father Jeff pitch their take on a fishing “lure” in episode 2, season 8 of Shark Tank. Jack learned about a transducer technology that could turn any abject into a sound and vibration generator and realized it could be applied to fishing. Jack did all the research, engineering, design…


Felt – Digitally Created Handwritten Cards

In a world of texting, emails and Facebook invites, it’s a rare and beautiful thing to receive a letter from a friend – in the mail. Aside from paper bills, coupons for fast food and the occasional news or magazine subscription, nothing exciting comes to us from Mr. (or Mrs.) Postman anymore. With the Felt…

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Petnostics – Urine Test for Dogs and Cats

Checking your pet’s urine is one of the best ways to monitor their health and detect early warning signs of disease and future problems. Treating health issues early can save your furry friend a lot of pain and you a lot of money. Petnostics is a simple and quick way to do a urinalysis test…

pridebites shark tank pet toys and products

PrideBites – Customizable Pet Products and Toys

PrideBites is a full line of customizable dog products including plush beds, blankets, placemats, collars, leashes, toys, treats, and dog apparel. To order a one-of-a-kind product tailor made for your dog simply visit the PrideBites website, choose a base product, personalize it with color and pattern choices as well as optionally adding your pet’s name and…

teaspressa tea shark tank

TEASPRESSA – Concentrated Tea Served Like Coffee

Allison DeVane, the founder of TEASPRESSA, actually started as a coffee lover however couldn’t enjoy coffee frequently due to the headaches that would occur. Being in the coffee and tea industry for 9 years, she found that tea was a healthy alternative and that some blends had just as much caffeine as coffee without the headache aftermath because tea is…

shark tank ezpz placemat for kids

Ezpz Placemats – Suction Grip Placemat with Built-In Plate and Bowl

This innovative placemat has a built-in plate and bowl and cleverly sticks to any table or tray, making it impossible for your child to knock over their food or fling a plate to the floor. The suction between the placemat and table is tenacious, so your child won’t be able to move it at all, but…


FireAvert – Prevents Kitchen Fires by Cutting Power to the Stove

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, a fire is caused by an unattended stove every 4 ½ minutes, causing 5,000+ injuries per year and costing hundreds of millions in damage. FireAvert is a simple plug-in device that serves as an emergency breaker to cut the power to a range that has caught fire, before…


LovePop – 3D Pop Up Greeting Cards

In the digital era, paper greeting cards take on a whole new charm. It’s exciting to find a real card in the mailbox, and not just junk, bills, and advertisements. In an age of text messages and evites, a tangible card is heart warming and thoughtful. There haven’t been many innovations in the world of greeting cards, but…

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grip clean industrial hand soap made with dirt-2

Grip Clean – Natural Industrial Hand Soap Made With Dirt

Grip Clean is the world’s first completely all-natural industrial strength hand soap. It has a not-so-secret ingredient that’s a bit counterintuitive – dirt! Turns out dirt is one of the most effective substances on the planet for absorbing grease, oils, chemicals, and toxins. Dirt works itself deep into your pores and grabs grease like a…

shark tank products simply fit board twist balance board exercise-1

Simply Fit Board – Exercise and Balance Board with a Twist

The Simply Fit Board is a balance board with a twist! This super easy-to-use exercise board improves balance while strengthening your core, back, ankles and legs. The board is made with a special lubricated plastic that allows you to easily twist side to side. The twisting motion is a fantastic low impact exercise that effectively…

shark tank air mattress windcatcher-1

Windcatcher Quick Inflating Air Mattress

The new Windcatcher air mattress is poised to revolutionize the way inflatables work. If you saw the demo on Shark Tank, you know how incredible it is – If you missed the show be sure to watch the demo video below. The problem with traditional air mattresses is the arduous task of blowing them up, one…

shark tank products LiliWare Edible Cups

Loliware Edible Cups

We all love disposable cups for their convenience, but hate single-use products for the footprint of trash they leave behind. Every year, Americans throw away 25 billion plastic cups. Some plastic can biodegrade in 450 years, but other types, like cups made with polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE) will never biodegrade. Some plastic cups can…


Budsies – Custom Made Plush Animals

Children are overflowing with creativity and you want to do everything you can to encourage that. Childhood drawings become treasured keepsakes and cherished memories. Now you can turn your child’s artwork into reality, by having it made into a custom plush stuffed animal by Budsies. Just upload your child’s masterpiece to the Budsies website. Their…

shark tank products home T shirt with states

The Home T – Share and Wear Your Roots

Home is a place that makes you happy. When you’re away from home nothing feels right. The people are different, the food is different, even the language may be different. In these moments, the ability to connect with someone that shares common roots is a huge deal. The Home T is a fun way to…

shark tankk products gold rush nugget bucket

Gold Rush Nugget Bucket – Gold Panning Kit

Everyone wants it and wars have been fought over it, but it’s actually everywhere just waiting to be found. Gold dust, or micron gold, can be found at almost any lake, stream, river or beach. In fact, small amounts of gold dust can be found in bags of sand at Home Depot. Much more efficient…


Drain Strain – Prevents Clogged Drains

The Drain Strain is a drain stopper for your bathroom sink that prevents clogs using a built-in detachable basket. The basket prevents anything that’s not water from going down the drain, something you’ll appreciate if you’ve ever dropped an earring in the sink. The Drain Strain was created by seasoned entrepreneur Naushad Ali, who saw the need for…

shark tank products lumio book light

Lumio – Lighting that Unfolds Like a Book

Lighting is about far more than functionality. It’s also about art and ambiance. Look at any designer or lighting retailer and it’s clear that the esthetic appeal is incredibly important. While it’s not difficult to find an incredible permanent light fixture, your options for portable lighting are limited. Enter Lumio. Lumio is a sleek, modern…


Phonesoap – UV Phone Cleaner and Charger

Did you know your phone is dirtier than a public restroom? Not just a little dirtier either. It’s up to 18x worse. Seriously. Cell phones are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria since they’re usually stored in warm dark places. On top of that, bacteria are always being given the opportunity to jump aboard from…


Hoppy Paws holiday fun

There is almost nothing more fun than tricking your children into believing in mythical holiday creatures like flying reindeer, Tooth Fairies, and Easter Bunnies. Hoppy Paws are the perfect tool to assist in your attempts at saving the magic in the world. Just place the footprints while your children are asleep, and later agree that this must…


Mensch on a Bench

Inspired by the popularElf on the Shelf, Mensch on a Bench is a NEW Hanukkah tradition meant to bring families together and teach children about Jewish holiday. Neal Hoffman pitched his idea in Season 6 and secured an investment from both Robert Herjavec and Lori Greiner. Since appearing on the show, the company has grown substantially,…


Squatty Potty Toilet Stool

For thousands of years humans squatted to have a bowel movement, and our bodies are designed to work better in this posture. Sitting on a toilet actually impedes the colon from doing its work, by kinking it and restricting elimination. That leads to toxic buildup of fecal matter, plus other problems like constipation, bloating, bladder…

bottle breacher from shark tank

Bottle Breacher – 50 Caliber Bottle Opener

Bottle Breacher is a hand-crafted, personalized bottle opener made from a 50 caliber bullet. They are a perfect “manly” gift, make a great groomsman gift, and can also be engraved with a company logo. The creators of Bottle Breacher went into the Shark Tank asking for $150k for a 10% share of the company. Kevin…


Singtrix – Home Karaoke System

The creators of Guitar Hero have come up with the next big thing in karaoke. Singtrix is an innovative karaoke machine that makes bad singers sound good and good singers sound amazing! You can sound like your favorite stars regardless of your natural singing ability. Singtrix instantly gives you the voice of a pro with…

shark tank products roominate

Roominate – Toys That Inspire Innovation

Roominate sets come with everything your kids need to build complex working constructions with electrical components like spinning windmills, moving elevators, lights, fans, and more. Time Magazine’s #1 Toy of the Year in 2014, Roominate offers creative hands-on fun, and encourages interest in science, technology, engineering, and math. Available through retailers like Toys R Us,…

Shark Tank products bakers edge

Baker’s Edge – Kitchen Innovations

Best Brownies Ever We all know what happens when you make brownies. The corners go first, then the other edge pieces and finally some poor schmuck is left with the sad center. The last one to the party always misses the pieces with those glorious chewy edges. It’s those chewy edges paired with a soft…

Shark Tank products happy feet slippers

Happy Feet – Earth’s Most Comfortable Slipper

Happy Feet are not your grandma’s slippers! They are playful, fun and ridiculously comfortable. Wearing Happy Feet is like walking on pillows. They are a vacation for your feet. These delightful slippers come in every color imaginable, including the top-selling leopard print, zebra print, and colorful sneaker designs. They also have lions, tigers, giraffes, and…

Shark Tank products paint brush cover

Paint Brush Cover

Whether you’re a professional or a weekend do-it-yourselfer, one of the hassles of painting has always been what to do with a wet brush. You know how it goes: you’ve been painting all morning and you’re using a brush that’s loaded with paint, when suddenly it’s lunch time and you need to put the brush…

Shark Tank products chapul cricket bars

Chapul – Cricket Flour Energy Bar

Protein bars are a popular snack for the health conscious crowd. They’re easy to grab on the go and they taste great too. The only problems is that many brands are loaded will fillers and questionable ingredients. When you’re trying to eat healthy, the last thing you want is to be consuming manufactured chemicals. There…

Shark Tank products define water bottle

Define Bottle – Fruit Infusing Water Bottle

There is an epidemic of soda in our refrigerators! Everyone knows those sugary drinks are bad for you, yet the average American continues to drink one or two cans a day. You should be grabbing a water instead, but plain water is not very inspiring, until now. The Define Bottle is a simple and healthy way…


Wall Doctor Drywall Repair Kit

Even for a seasoned do-it-yourselfer, fixing holes in drywall is a pain. You have to cut out the damaged area. Cut new sheetrock to replace what you just removed. Install the new sheetrock and reinforce the edges of the existing sheetrock around the hole. Tape and bed the seam, let it dry, and then sand…

Shark Tank products hanukkah tree topper

Hanukkah Tree Topper for Interfaith Families

Nearly 50% of all Jewish people in the U.S. are married to someone of another faith. The Hanukkah Tree Topper, by One Life Products, is a clever way for interfaith families to celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas at the same time, or Chistmukkah. Available in a light up model that glows with a cool blue…

Shark Tank products fiber fix

FiberFix – Industrial Strength Repair Wrap

Duct Tape fixes everything right? Not quite. Have you ever tried to patch a water line, repair a load-bearing steel bar, or fix the broken handle on a shovel with tape? Your results will be far less than stellar. The vast majority of adhesives on the market are only designed for cosmetic or minor repairs….


Sweet Ballz Gourmet Cake Balls

Let’s face it, cake is good in any shape. But these wildly popular cake balls are the perfect for snacking when you don’t want an entire slice of cake. Sweet Ballz are savory and moist cake on the inside, with decadent icing on the outside. The packaging keeps the product fresh for 45 days, so…

Shark Tank products screen mend

ScreenMend – Patching Solution for Torn Screens

Screens are a pain to replace. It will cost you $30 or more to buy a new screen. If you aren’t a do-it-yourselfer and need someone to install it, expect to pay an additional $100. With a dozen or more window and door screens on the average home, the cost adds up very quickly. In…

Shark Tank products kazam bikes

KaZAM Bikes – Balance Bicycle with No Pedals

KaZAM is at the forefront of the balance bike revolution. If you have a child between the ages of 2 ½- to 5 ½ years old, KaZAM is the perfect alternative to training wheels. The bike takes the focus off peddling, and places it on steering and balance. It’s a method that’s been used in…

shark tank butcher block

Vermont Butcher Blocks

UPDATE: Vermont Butcher Blocks is no longer in business. Wooden utensils, bowls, platters and accessories are both durable and beautiful. The Vermont Butcher Block & Board Company produces some of the best looking and highest quality wooden kitchenware available. The company’s mission statement says it all; they produce products of premium quality and durability that…

shark tank coffee misto box

Mistobox – Coffee Subscription Service

Mistobox is a coffee subscription service that gives coffee lovers the opportunity to have their own personalized coffee delivered right to their doorstep. When you sign up for an account at, you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire that determines your coffee preferences. For example, it will ask about your coffee…

Shark Tank products mission belt

Mission Belt – Ratcheting Belt Buckle

A belt is a belt right? It’s long, thin and it keeps your pants up. Often, it also lacks fashion appeal. The Mission Belt Co. has found a way to turn the utilitarian into art. The Mission Belt isn’t like a traditional belt – a strip of plain leather with some holes. It’s a solid…

Cupcakes In A Jar Shark Tank

Wicked Good Cupcakes – Cake in a Jar

Wicked Good Cupcakes are innovative, homemade cupcakes that come in a jar, which protects the product and improves the shelf life. They also offer brownies, pies, cheesecakes, and macarons and they ship them to your door. The creators of Wicked Good Cupcakes went into the Shark Tank asking for $75k for a 20% share of the…


Shell Bobbers – Shotgun Shell Fishing Bobbers

This shotgun shell fishing bobber is a real blast. It’s a truly unique bobber made from a real 12 gauge shotgun shell and it makes a perfect gift for anyone who likes to hunt or fish. The creators of Shell Bobbers went into the Shark Tank asking for $80k for a 20% share of the company. There…

Shark Tank products drop stop

Drop Stop – Car Seat Gap Filler

Drop Stop prevents “dropping and driving” by creating a barrier between the car seat and the center console – filling that gap where important things like cell phones, wallets, and keys seem to get dropped. Because Drop Stop can stretch or scrunch, it easily adapts to almost every car, truck, SUV, and van that has…

Cordaroys Shark Tank Bean Bag Lori

CordaRoys Convertible Beanbag Chairs

Say goodbye to airbeds! Now there’s a new sheriff in town called CordaRoys. Founded in 1998, CordaRoys sells patented, foam-filled beanbags that convert to beds. Yes, a round beanbag that converts to a rectangular bed! As a chair it’s the most comfortable thing you’ll ever experience – imagine sitting on a cloud but with more…


Urbio Modern Wall Planters

This magnetic wall planter and organizer adds a slick and modern look to your house while efficiently saving space. The steel construction boards mount easily to your wall, providing a canvas for you to arrange and rearrange the magnetic modular containers. Urbio is perfect for creating living walls of plants or for organizing tools in the…

Shark Tank products plate topper

Plate Topper – Airtight Cover for Leftovers

*The company website is no longer available. This product may be discontinued. Millions of households use plastic containers and plastic wraps to store food, but these products are problematic. Tupperware lids always go missing and cling wrap can be an inconvenient mess. Plate Topper transforms any plate into an airtight food container. Simply grab the…

Shark Tank products scrub daddy

Scrub Daddy Magic Scouring Pads

Scrub Daddy is the cutest and most high-tech scrubbing tool in the world. It’s the greatest kitchen scrubbing tool you’ve ever used because Scrub Daddy completely changes its texture just by adjusting your water temperature. When you need to scour put your Scrub Daddy in cold water and it will become rigid, while still not…

Shark Tank products freaker usa bottle insulator

Freaker USA – Bottle Insulators

Freaker USA makes stretchable coozies for beverage containers of all sizes. The wide variety of designs include the Baberaham Lincoln, the Kim Jong Illest, and the Shaquille O’Peel. Freaker USA is the global leader of preventing moist handshakes and sweaty beverages. The creators of Freaker USA went into the Shark Tank asking for $200k for…

Shark Tank products eco nuts organic laundry soap

Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap

More and more people today are looking for safe, healthy, all-natural alternatives to the products they use every day. They’re better for your family and for the environment. While there are a number of green household cleaners on the market, it’s difficult to find an effective laundry detergent. Eco Nuts are an organic, all-natural laundry…

Shark Tank products ecreamery ice cream

eCreamery Personalized Ice Cream Flavors

The eCreamery brings homemade ice cream and gelato to your doorstep. Created in 2007, the online shop is the brain child of Becky App and Abby Jordan. The duo began churning delicious treats at their Omaha, Nebraska location where customers can choose from a variety of classic or customized flavors. Whether you order online of…

shark tank products power decal

Power Decal – Light Up Stickers

People love to support their organization or cause with a bumper sticker or medallion. These types of items are available in gift shops and stores around the world. Anyone who is a fan of anything probably has a bumper sticker to show it. That makes it hard for the real fans to stand out. With…


Qubits – Educational Toy

Everyone is familiar with Legos, K’nex and other building toys. For decades, children have been playing with these and others that are similar. There’s no doubt many engineers and architects today discovered their passion through building something with these toys on their bedroom floor. Qubits are the Legos of the 21st century. They’re a construction toy…


Grease Monkey Wipes

Grease Monkey Wipes are an individually packaged degreasing and cleaning wipe that utilizes a natural, non-toxic, citric-based cleaning agent to handle heavy duty cleaning. Not any ordinary antibacterial wipes, these are designed to clean the heaviest messes of nasty grease and grime. Safe for the environment, these handy and powerful wipes are perfect for the…