Air Cork Wine Preserver

As soon as wine is exposed to air it begins to oxidize, which changes its flavors and aromas. There are many products designed to reseal a wine that has been opened, but they neglect to remove the air that’s inside the bottle. The Air Cork Wine Preserver is a balloon that pushes all the damaging oxygen away from your wine and keep it tasting fresh.

Air Cork From Shark Tank

Air Cork, the wine preserver was invented by entrepreneur Eric Corti.

He felt that all current wine preservers were ineffective and were impossible to see or know if they were actually working. He was continually throwing away half bottles of wine and thought that there must be a way to actually seal the wine from the outside air – at the surface of the wine. But, the devise would have to fit down the narrow neck of a wine bottle and then still be able to seal to the side of the bottle. After much research, a prototype was developed.

Eric created a prototype from a blood pressure cuff and children’s balloons and set out to confirm his assumptions and test his prototype. After several months of testing, the feedback was extremely positive and he proceeded to research and discover all aspects of wine, wine spoilage (oxidation), custom medical grade latex balloon production, source each component, assembly, packaging and finally bring it to market.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 2/10/2012 – Season 3 – Episode 4




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