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We all know what happens when you make brownies. The corners go first, then the other edge pieces and finally some poor schmuck is left with the sad center. The last one to the party always misses the pieces with those glorious chewy edges. It’s those chewy edges paired with a soft warm center that makes brownies so fantastic.

In a regular baking pan, there’s not much you can do about it, but with the Edge Brownie Pan from Baker’s Edge, every single brownie has at least two edges. The s-shaped design ensures maximum edges for the best batch of brownies ever. Even that guy that lets everyone else go first gets a brownie with those delightful edges.

The Edge Brownie pan fits standard box mixes. No adjustments are necessary. The single-cell design makes spreading the batter easier. You mix, pour and spread just as you would with a standard baking pan. The Edge Brownie pan is made of cast aluminum and is oven safe up to 500 degrees. The non-stick coating and rounded corners make cleaning a breeze.

Lasagna Better Than Grandma Used to Make

Baker’s Edge has also created the Simple Lasagna Pan for lasagna lovers. 50% larger than the Edge Brownie pan, the Simple Lasagna Pan fits standard size lasagna noodles perfectly. The unique design of the pan cooks your lasagna evenly and gives every piece those great toasted edges.

It makes serving simple too. In a standard pan, your beautifully stacked Italian masterpiece turns into spaghetti soup after the first few pieces are cut. The innovative shape of the Simple Lasagna Pan holds the dish together as you serve. Every piece comes out looking like 5-star Italian restaurant.

Just like the Edge Brownie Pan, the Simple Lasagna Pan is made from hard-anodized cast aluminum for superior durability, is oven safe up to 500 degrees, and cleans easily.

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