Dura-Tent Table Top Food Screen

Dura-tent was rebranded as PicnicPal after airing on Shark Tank.

Picnics should be a fun and relaxing treat. But when dealing with nature, you must expect the unexpected. That’s why the PicnicPal is your first line of defense. It’s a fully-enclosed food-tent that protects your meal from outside elements. The creators spent three years developing and testing the PicnicPal’s design to ensure maximum coverage. Nothing gets in or out unless you want it to.

The PicnicPal is easy to assemble and can be used by people of all ages. The metal frame is lead-free and non-toxic. The original PicnicPal is great for small gatherings with family and friends. For larger events, there is the PicnicPal XL. It has more than enough room for a banquet-style setup. Both options provide a safe and sanitary environment for food.

The PicnicPal is a much-needed barrier between food and insects. Flies and ants can’t crawl under the tent or enter through its flaps. Every opening is covered from every angle. You don’t have to worry about food blowing away. The doors are enclosed with a Velcro center that protects against wind damage. It also shields food from unseen irritants usually found in spring and summer air. The PicnicPal is a safeguard that puts nature on notice.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 1/4/2013 – Season 4 – Episode 12


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