You cannot contact anyone from Shark Tank, or any business that has appeared on the show through this website. is an independent Shark Tank fan site and blog. This is a directory of the thousands of businesses that have appeared on the show. This website is not connected to the show, producers or cast. If you are trying to reach someone involved with the show you will need to contact them through ABC. If you have a comment or question intended to reach a company that has been on the show, or if you have an issue with an order you placed, you should contact those businesses through their individual websites. This website does not sell any products.

Beware of Shark Tank scams.

If you are looking for a product that claims to be from Shark Tank but have concerns whether it is legitimate, then it probably is not. There are many scams out there typically claiming to have made big deals on Shark Tank. They buying advertising space on Facebook, search engines (like Google and Bing) and websites, and then they disappear. They are usually skin care, anti-aging, performance boosters, CBD, hair loss, keto, or weight loss products. If you do a search on this website and don’t see a company or product, then it wasn’t actually on the show. Most people who have purchased these scam products are successfully getting the money refunded by calling their bank or credit card company to dispute the charges. All the products that were actually on the show can also be found on ABC’s website or on this wikipedia page.

Are you receiving junk email? It’s NOT from us.

Scammers are pretending to be associated with this website. We’re doing everything we can to stop them.

If you are receiving junk mail relating to Shark Tank please check the sender’s true email address – note that the sender’s “Display Name” for their email address may include labels like Shark Tank, but if you click on the sender’s email display name you will see their actual email address, including the website domain name that is sending you the emails. Emails from us are sent from our website domain (

You should block the sender’s email address and mark the email as junk until your email application learns to move it to your spam folder automatically. Don’t click on any links in a suspicious email. Many spammers are sending out mass emails pretending to be associated with the show, and/or with this website. These advertisements do not come from this website or anyone here, or from the Shark Tank TV show. If you get a junk email or see an advertisement that uses the logo from this website, or this website’s name, it is doing so without permission.

If the spam you’re getting qualifies as “miracle cure” claims like many of these fake products – weight loss, anti-aging – it can be reported to the web complaints team in the Dept of Justice – ( to this address – [email protected]

If you would like to contact us you can email:  [email protected]