Coco Taps – Coconut Drill and Tap

Staying hydrated is extremely important and flavored waters are very popular. While some cynics might say it is mostly a profit driven, marketing ploy, the truth is that for many people plain water just isn’t that appealing and flavored waters are often the answer.

Vince Zaldivar, who has lived in Las Vegas since the age of 10, was familiar with dealing with extreme heat conditions and had been drinking coconut flavored water after working out. Even after trying numerous brands, he couldn’t find one he really liked. Thinking perhaps that he actually didn’t like coconut water, he was about to give up and try other flavors.

In 2013, however, fate intervened, and a friend introduced him to fresh coconut water. Just like any other food or drink, something that is fresh and consumed in the form Mother Nature created it, is far superior to something processed, pasteurized and bottled in plastic. Vince was hooked for life!

But he ran into a problem. Mother Nature had encased this wonderful beverage in a container that is not user friendly. There’s no easy-to-open cap, no handy flip tab, and no way to easily crack open a coconut even if you are a fitness buff. Vince would come home from the gym and open a coconut with a hammer and knife, eventually breaking his stepdad’s expensive knife and nearly sacrificing a finger in the process. Figuring there had to be a better way, he scoured local stores and the web. The only tap systems available were cheap, foreign made, and did nothing to complement Vince’s concern for human health with his concern for the health of the Earth. Vince realized that he would have to come up with the perfect tap himself.

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It took almost two years of effort, but eventually he was satisfied with the design and patented and manufactured The Coco Taps Tool Kit. First introduced at the Las Vegas “Life is Beautiful Festival” in 2015, the initial retail outlet was the Sundries store at the Wynn in Las Vegas. It was also sold at the Encore Beach Club where it included the addition of rum!

In July of 2017, Coco Taps teamed up with The Juice Standard, a raw juice bar owned and operated by Jamie Stephenson and Marcella Williams, located at the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan resort hotel. Coco Taps provides organic coconuts with reusable taps to The Juice Standard, and the coconuts are also available from room service at the Cosmopolitan

Coco Taps is the only 100% Made in USA, BPA Free, and dishwasher-safe coconut water system. Coco Taps are reusable and will seal a coconut for up to four weeks if kept in the refrigerator. A significant number of cans and plastic bottles will no longer end up cluttering landfills, and best of all, once empty, the coconut shell can be put into a compost pile. The Coco Taps Tool Kit can be purchased through the Coco Taps website, on Amazon and in Whole Foods stores.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 11/26/17 – Season 9 – Episode 12

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Vince Zaldivar is now known by his well-deserved nicknames, Coco Vinny and Chief Coconut in Charge!

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