Lifebelt Seat Belt Safety Device

Lifebelt was the only safety device on the market that ensures drivers and passengers will wear their seat belts. If they don’t, the vehicle will not start. If a seat belt is disengaged once the car is moving, an alarm sounds. There really is no way to get around it.

Life Belt Shark Tank 6

Robert Allison’s concern is teen-aged deaths in car crashes, because they were unrestrained. People of all ages don’t hook up when driving a short distance, but most accidents happen with 10 miles from home. Lifebelt also eases the minds of parents with toddlers in car seats who can unfasten the seat belt.

Robert owned the patent and copyright. He contacted the major auto manufacturers. One was interested, but Robert was concerned it would take five years or more for that company to get the Lifebelt into cars. He couldn’t wait that long. Now he was looking toward the sharks for help.

Life Belt Shark Tank 3

Kevin O’Leary offered Robert $500,000 for the patent. Robert Herjavec offered $1,000,000. Robert A. declined, because he was afraid they would put it on a shelf and forget about it. Robert H. said that made no sense. Why would they not want to get it to market as soon as possible so they could start making their money back? Robert A. wanted a nationwide company or nothing.

Life Belt Shark Tank 2

Some time later, Robert A. signed a multi-million-dollar deal with a Texas chain of auto dealerships, who would offer the Lifebelt for all the cars they sell, new and used. He also received orders from retailers, such as AutoZone and Hendrick Automotive. One report had the business worth more than $30,000,000 several years after Shark Tank.

Shark Tank Air Date: 8/16/2009 – Season 1 – Episode 2



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