K3 Shooting Band for Jump Shots

Nicky Young’s basketball career began at an early age, inspired by her father who briefly played for the New York Knicks in the NBA. Her passion for the game continued through college at Farmingdale State, where she excelled on the court. After graduating, Young pursued her dream of playing professionally by joining a team in Ireland. However, she experienced culture shock overseas and returned to the United States, determined to make her mark in basketball.

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Young’s next move was trying out for the WNBA’s Chicago Sky, but she ultimately did not make the team’s roster. Undeterred, she channeled her experiences into developing an innovative product – the K3 Shooting Band. Introduced in 2009, this unique resistance band is designed specifically to enhance basketball shooting skills.

The K3 Shooting Band slips over the wrist and fits snugly around the pointer and middle fingers – the two fingers most crucial for accurate shooting. As the user goes through their regular shooting motion, the resistance builds strength and muscle memory in those finger muscles. The resistance causes the fingers to press firmly against the ball, imparting a potent spin for proper shooting rotation. Consistent use of the band in practice translates to improved form, increased range, and greater accuracy once it is removed during games.

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Young drew inspiration for the K3 Band from her own journey as a dedicated basketball player. Her father, always an exceptional shooter, instilled in her the importance of developing refined shooting mechanics from an early age. The K3 Band became Young’s way to share those lessons that fueled her success.

The simple but effective design makes the K3 Band suitable for players of all ages and skill levels. It is offered in two sizes – a Kids version for ages 5-8 and an Adult size for ages 9 and up. Players can incorporate the band seamlessly into their regular shooting drills and workout routines.

While many training tools claim to revolutionize shooting ability, the K3 Band’s focused approach stands out. By isolating and strengthening the specific muscles involved in an accurate jump shot, it builds muscle memory in a targeted, efficient manner. No gimmicks or drastic technique changes – just consistent reinforcement of proper form.

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The K3 Shooting Band is available directly from Young’s website as well as major retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart. As word spreads about its benefits, the simple training tool is gaining a following among coaches and players at high schools, AAU programs, and other levels always seeking an edge.

For Nicky Young, the K3 Band represents the culmination of her basketball experiences transforming into a way to help others develop their skills. From observing her father’s finely-tuned jump shot, to sharpening her own mechanics in college and pro ball, to overcoming setbacks – each step ultimately led her to craft an effective, no-nonsense shooting aid. The K3 Shooting Band is straightforward in its purpose but powerful for any player diligently working to elevate their shooting game.


Shark Tank Air Date: 4/19/2024 – Season 15 – Episode 21




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