VibeRide Skateboard Brakes

VibeRide, founded by University of Utah students Carson MacDonald, Charlie Cannon, and Chris Goodhue, is entering the skateboarding market with an innovative concept: a braking system for skateboards and longboards. VibeRide represents a significant shift in how skateboarders can manage speed and control, particularly in downhill environments.

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VibeRide’s journey began with the acquisition of designs and patents from Brakeboard, an Australian company that first attempted a commercial longboard brake. Over three years, the VibeRide team dedicated themselves to refining these initial designs, resulting in the Vibe Ride Skate Brake. This system incorporates mini disc brakes and ceramic discs, sourced from car factories, which provide a novel and more efficient way to slow down a skateboard.

The Founders’ Background and Motivation

The founders, united by their passion for skateboarding, recognized a gap in the market: the need for a safer braking method. Traditional foot-braking, especially on steep terrains, posed risks to safety. This insight drove them to develop an alternative braking mechanism. Charlie Cannon’s entrepreneurial experience, highlighted by his success with EXO Drones, brought valuable business acumen to the venture. Their collective efforts resulted in a product that addresses a long-standing issue in skateboarding safety​​​​.

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Market Response and Early Achievements

Following its market introduction, VibeRide has witnessed a positive uptake in sales and has gained traction on social media platforms. Collaborations with recognized skateboarding entities like Braille Skateboarding have significantly boosted the product’s visibility. The engagement and interest shown by the skateboarding community suggest an acceptance and demand for this new braking system. These early indicators of success reflect not only the market’s readiness for such an innovation but also the potential impact VibeRide could have on skateboarding practices​​.

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VibeRide’s current product lineup includes:

  • Brake-Equipped Longboard: A complete longboard setup with the Vibe Ride Skate Brake™ system.
  • Standalone Braking System: Designed for easy installation, this system is compatible with the majority of longboards, offering a retrofit option for existing boards.
  • Electric Longboard with Brake: Catering to the growing market for electric skateboards, this model integrates the braking system with electric mobility.
  • Branded Apparel: A range of clothing and accessories that promote the VibeRide brand and ethos.

Future Prospects and Expansion Plans

Under Cannon’s leadership, VibeRide is not only looking to establish its current product lineup but also to expand its offerings. Future plans include developing budget-friendly options for beginners and enhancing their technology to suit various skateboarding styles and preferences. This strategy could potentially open up new markets and user groups, further embedding VibeRide’s technology in the skateboarding world​​.

Shark Tank Air Date: 1/12/2024 – Season 15 – Episode 10




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