KrappStrapp Tree Strap

Keith Lindsey’s Air Boss Motion Decoys, an outdoor company based in Jacksonville, Texas, specializes in crafting hunting decoys. Yet, it is a less conventional product—the KrappStrapp — that they pitched on Shark Tank. Though fundamentally different from the company’s core products, the KrappStrapp shares a common mission: to make the outdoor experience more comfortable and practical for enthusiasts.

Krappstrapp Shark Tank 2

Inspired by an epiphany Lindsey had while in the woods, the KrappStrapp is a waistband designed to facilitate the process of answering nature’s call in the wilderness. Strapped around the waist and anchored to a tree, the padded strap supports the user’s weight, thereby alleviating pressure on the knees and thighs. This design feature makes it particularly beneficial for those who, like Lindsey, find that age and strenuous activities have taken a toll on their joints.

The KrappStrapp offers two pockets designed for toilet paper and other necessities. While the initial version featured a pocket only on one side, Lindsey added an additional pocket on the other side, based on advice from his wife. This change was made to make the product more appealing to women, who often carry scented wet wipes and hand sanitizing gels during outdoor activities. The inclusion of a weatherproof storage and transport bag adds another layer of practicality to this outdoor accessory.

Krappstrapp Shark Tank Set

But this invention isn’t solely targeted at hikers, hunters, and campers. Lindsey envisions a broader market, including outdoor workers who operate in remote areas, from road construction crews to remote contractors. These professionals, Lindsey argues, could also benefit from having a KrappStrapp in their utility trucks, for times when facilities are miles away. All the manufacturing takes place in Jacksonville, Texas, adhering to high-quality standards.

Although the KrappStrapp is a divergence from Air Boss Motion Decoys’ primary focus on hunting decoys, its development demonstrates the company’s commitment to addressing the varying needs of the outdoor community. The product serves not only as an ingenious solution to an age-old problem but also as a bridge to different outdoor markets and demographics.

Shark Tank Air Date: 11/03/2023 – Season 15 – Episode 6




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