Rekkie AR Ski Googles

The idea of REKKIE is rooted in a real-life challenge faced by one of its co-founders, Henry, during a skiing excursion in Lake Tahoe. Facing the dilemma of losing track of his group due to poor cellular reception, Henry envisioned a solution that would integrate heads-up display technology into ski goggles. This idea was inspired by the ease of locating friends in video games, where a simple glance at an on-screen compass reveals their positions. The name “REKKIE,” derived from British military slang for reconnaissance, encapsulates the essence of these goggles: they are designed for exploring and navigating the mountain terrain while staying connected with companions.

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The REKKIE team, comprising Henry, Anderson, Fletcher, and David, is a group of winter sports aficionados. Each member brings their unique expertise and passion to the table, from hardware design and software development to sales and operations. Their collective goal is to create a product that not only withstands the rigors of mountain sports but also introduces a new dimension to the experience.

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Key Features

Heads-Up Display (HUD): This is the centerpiece of the REKKIE goggles, offering a transparent display that allows skiers and snowboarders to access a multitude of features without the need to remove their gloves. It includes functionalities like friend tracking, text and call management, music control, and viewing various stats such as speed and elevation.

Connected Compass: This feature enables users to locate their friends on the mountain in real-time, adding a layer of safety and convenience to the group skiing experience.
Glove-friendly Button: A large rubber button on the side of the goggles, designed for easy use even with gloves, simplifies navigation through the HUD.

Swappable Lenses: The goggles come with lenses that are easy to swap out, depending on the lighting and snow conditions, enhancing visibility and adaptability.

Tech Specs: The goggles boast advanced technical specifications like Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, a built-in radio for goggle-to-goggle connectivity, and an impressive battery life. They are designed to update wirelessly and are FCC approved.

Goggle Specs: These include features like a dual lens anti-fog system, UV 400 and scratch protection, a lightweight design, and a non-slip strap. The goggles are also compatible with helmets and come with a protective microfiber carry pouch.

The Dashboard: The integrated Heads-Up Display is a key feature, showing vital information like speed, elevation, and the location of friends in real-time. It offers a minimalistic mode for less intrusive data display when required.

App Integration: The REKKIE goggles work in tandem with a specially designed app, which is essential for pairing the phone with the goggles. This app, available for iOS, is free and does not contain ads or subscription fees. It uses Google Maps for trail maps and allows friends without goggles to appear in the user’s HUD through the app.

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REKKIE goggles are designed with a focus on durability and performance. They are tested under tough mountain conditions to ensure reliability and quality, aiming to provide an unparalleled experience for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. REKKIE Smart Snow Goggles represent a significant leap in the integration of technology with winter sports gear. Their innovative features not only enhance the practical aspects of skiing and snowboarding but also add an element of safety and connectivity, making them a valuable addition for any winter sports enthusiast.

Shark Tank Air Date: 11/17/2023 – Season 15 – Episode 7




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