SnagaStool – Reserve Bar Stools and Tables

Have you ever tried to grab a seat at a crowded bar? It’s even worse when there’s a big game on or a special event in town. Getting enough seats for you and your buddies is out of the question unless you’re willing to camp out and wait for other people to leave.

You can reserve a cab, a table or a movie ticket online. Why can’t you reserve a bar stool? You can now with SnagaStool. SnagaStool is smartphone app that makes it easy to reserve seats at bars and pubs on busy nights or when big events are happening. Can you imagine walking into a bar on Super Bowl Sunday at kickoff and having 2 open seats waiting for you? That’s exactly what SnagaStool can do for you.

The creators of the app got the idea when the Bruins were in the playoffs after actually paying someone to get to the bar early and save their seats. It was a silly idea, but it worked. That silly idea was merged with technology and SnagaStool was born.

SnagaStool is like a VIP ticket to get premium seating at sold-out events. If demand is high, you’ll pay a small fee, but the experience is well worth it. Skip the line. Skip the crowds. Just show your reservation and you’ll be escorted to your reserved seats in style.

SnagaStool is great for off-peak hours as well. Bar owners want to keep their bars busy. A busy bar attracts more customers. Though SnagaStool, they’ll offer you incentives like half-off appetizers.

UPDATE: SnagaStool is out of business


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