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Bitsbox is one of just a few subscription-based services aimed directly for kids, and likely the first with a tech spin. While teaching kids to code has taken a turn toward being “cool”, it remains a skill that isn’t taught much in schools or outside the classroom. Given that computer, tablet and smartphone usage is on the rise for today’s kids, these skills are becoming even more important. Scott Lininger and Aidan Chopra came up with a fun solution. Lininger has now put his skill from previous coding-based opportunities (including working for Google) to use to help kids learn to code. Most importantly, Bitsbox is set up to make kids want to learn to do it.

Bitsbox is a monthly subscription that brings a dozen potential apps to kids’ fingertips. They choose what app they want to build, then follow the steps to build it, right from the tablet-like interface on the Bitsbox website. Once the app foundation is built, they can play with it and make it their own, then share it on their favorite social platform. Bitsbox apps run compatibly with any computer, tablet or phone, with any web browser.

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Bitsbox isn’t designed just to keep kids busy—this service is truly designed to teach kids to code, an experience that’s sure to give them a leg up in the modern industry. Lininger wanted the process of learning coding to be seamless, simple and fun. He recalled back when he first learned, by typing in lines of code to his father’s computer. This was the way he learned best, and knew that today’s kids would be the same way. While other existing models are great, they don’t provide the process of physically typing in code. This is the part Lininger felt was missing.

Teaching kids how to code, of course, has many advantages, but the Bitsbox team knew they would face challenges in getting kids to want to do it in the first place. With Bitsbox, kids get to create apps. This is a simple platform they’ve probably already used, and getting to play with the end result is an added bonus. Kids can even add their creation to mom or dad’s phone for download, so grown-ups can join in on the fun.

Lininger and Chopra aren’t stopping with just families, either. Their subscriptions for schools help integrate fun computer games with new skill-based learning. It’s a gift that’s truly great for everyone. Parents and kids can get involved and learn the basics of coding. With something different arriving every month, the options are endless. Kids love technology, parents love their kids to learn. With Bitsbox, it’s the best of both worlds.

Bitsbox has already been featured on The Today Show, CBS, ABC, NBC, Forbes and more. The company’s Kickstarter campaign funded over $250,000 toward the end goal, proving that it’s true: coding really is “cool”.

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