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What’s worse than wanting to tip your bartender or pay a friend for helping with that strenuous move, but not have any cash on-hand? The Bravo app solves this everyday problem with their instant mobile payment model. Once you sign up, you are ready to send or receive money to anyone nearby without sharing private information or becoming their virtual friend. “Share the love, not your information,” is Bravo’s endearing motto featured across numerous media outlets such as MacWorld and TechCrunch.

If you’re part of the 22 million who do not carry cash daily (according to Bankrate’s 2014 estimate), Bravo eliminates the embarrassment of coming up empty-handed or taking inconvenient trips to the ATM. With the app’s safe proximity search, you can tell someone BRAVO for their work with one press of a button.

Bravo isn’t just for tipping, but also for contractor payments. As the first of the month inches closer, small merchants and freelancers are always anxiously waiting for their clients’ checks. Bravo nixes the freelancer’s nerves and allows merchants to communicate with their customers, check in on payments, and invite clients to their next venture or event. The app prevents any misconduct or unwanted communications by allowing the user to disable its messaging function. It’s social media without the negativity or privacy invasion.

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On the receiving end of payment? The selected amount will be sent straight to your bank account within 1-3 business days with no hassle and no questions asked–only the recipient can see her tips and comments. Best of all, Bravo’s internal data shows a 30% increase of income for those who have downloaded and use the app regularly.

Ryan Rabish, founder of Integrity Valet and Desert Parking in Phoenix, Arizona, chose Bravo as the company’s primary mobile payment service because of its simplicity and user-friendly design. Not only do his customers appreciate the ease of use, but the security of the platform as well. The neighboring restaurant is no longer inconvienenced by customers running in and out asking for cash to tip their valet drivers. Rabish can focus on the company’s customer service and safety of his employees now that Bravo removed a constant work disruption.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 11/05/17 – Season 9 – Episode 9

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