Brightwheel – Classroom Management App

Brightwheel is a classroom management app that improves communication and connectivity between teachers, parents, and students. It’s a great tool for schools, daycare, or after school programs, and it’s completely free to use.

With Brightwheel parents get a real-time feed of their child’s day including photos, activity updates, reminders, and more. Daily reports include details on how long and when children nap, eat, take trips to the bathroom and take medications. The app can also handle billing and payments for school tuitions and fees. Gone are the days of asking your child what they did at school today just to get a response like “I played dinosaurs”. With Brightwheel parents will have a record of their child’s education and development.

Schools and Daycares can use Brightwheel to monitor attendance, keep records of communications with parents, keep tabs on student performance and achievements, send notices, send paperless invoices, and collect payments directly to their bank account. Many schools are required by law to keep records on attendance, activity, and bodily fluids. This process was traditionally done with pen and paper, which can lead to misplaced files and difficulty accessing information.

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