CATE App Call and Text Eraser

CATE stands for “Call and Text Eraser.” The app hides calls and texts on a smart phone that the user does not want anyone (or someone in particular) to see. You can input the names and numbers that you want diverted to a hidden place on the phone. If your “significant other” checks your smart phone to see what you’ve been up to, you are going to come up clean—even when you are cheating. Neal Desai, who appeared on Shark Tank, squirmed around the real function of CATE, but it is what it is—a cheater’s aid. The sharks actually found other, more worthy, uses for the app. Mutual fund brokers or any business person can keep data private. Undercover agents can keep contacts private. Kevin and Daymond invested on the condition that Neil re-brand.

Cate App Call And Text Eraser Shark Tank 2

After the episode aired, 10,000 people downloaded the app, interestingly most of them women. Neil pursued government, law enforcement, and investor markets before eventually closing the business.

CATE App is no longer in business.

Shark Tank Air Date: 9/21/2012 – Season 4 – Episode 2




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