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In this modern digital age, it’s a wonder that printing the dozens (if not hundreds, maybe even thousands) of pictures on our phones is still such a hassle. With Flag, Savannah Cowley and Samuel Agboola have finally created a solution. This beautiful easy-to-use app makes it simple to receive 20 prints of your favorite cell phone photos each month—absolutely free! Their high-tech, low-key process offers premium-quality photos right to your door for as long as you want them.

Flag is a truly innovative service that takes ad support to the next level. You will not find paid sponsored ads on their app, or receive junk emails from newsletters you didn’t realize you signed up for when you joined the service. Instead, Cowley and Agboola stepped their ad game up a notch by using your free prints as traveling ads that you’ll actually want to keep. On the back of each of your 20 absolutely free prints is an ad for a company that helps to keep your photos free. As of its launch in 2016, Flag utilized over 1,500 paying advertisers to run the app.

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The way it works is pretty straightforward. Flag is powered by ads, which make the photos free to print. The printing process itself is a little more complicated (though only on the back end). Flag’s prints are said to be museum-quality, printed with 10-layer print technology that includes two anti-scratch layers, resin coating, stabilizing laminate, and more. The outcome is said to look better than any print you can receive on the market today, with image quality that won’t fade for 300 years. Wow.

Flag utilizes 7 colors of ink to give images the richest, truest color available. Even with the oddball photo shapes available on cell phones today (square, panorama, super-up-close selfies), Flag’s printers won’t make you crop your image to fit. Printing photos from your cell phone at Walgreens can sometimes lead to images that are stretched out or cropped on the edges so they fit traditional sizes. Flag’s photo printers work in the opposite way, by working with the image’s original size. This means, photos come out looking the way you took them—which is the whole reason you loved them so much to begin with.

Flag has an innovative concept, and one that seems to be working for the company. When Cowley and Agboola launched their Kickstarter campaign in late 2016, they received over $330,000 in support from roughly 5,000 subscribers. It’s a sign of the times, perhaps—ads are everywhere, and how many people are looking for inexpensive ways to print the beautiful selfies and other images they take on their cell phones everyday? TechCrunch has pointed out that Flag isn’t the very first of its kind, but is the very first to offer photos 100% free. Customers don’t even have to pay shipping and handling, or a subscription fee.

It’s never been easier to get free prints of your favorite cell phone image—photos that look as beautiful as they do in digital form, just the way you took them. App-supported and ad-produced, Flag brings a new dish to the table of digital printing, and one customers around the country already love.

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