Simple Habit – Meditation App For Busy People

Yunha Kim knows a thing or two about stress. As a former banking analyst and serial entrepreneur, Kim’s peace of mind was often at odds with her long hours and fast-paced work environment.

She wanted to begin practicing mindfulness, a type of meditation that pulls the mind away from big stresses and back to the calm of the present moment, but she didn’t have time to dedicate to long sessions or in-person guided meditations. That’s why she developed Simple Habit, named one of the best meditation apps for busy people.

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In a 2016 interview with Tech Crunch, Kim described Simple Habit as “the first app with a Netflix/Spotify model — we introduce dozens of leading meditation teachers from around the world onto one platform”. The app provides guided mediations in short sessions tailored for specific scenarios like having trouble falling asleep or having a tough day at work. The sessions are organized under topics including Basics, Relax, Sleep, Focus Well-being, Resilience, Health, Relationships and Unguided, and they can be accessed whether or not the user has an internet connection.

Simple Habit’s platform is robust, with more than 1000 options ranging from one-off meditations to full programs that focus on a single goal (perhaps to lose weight, battle procrastination, or sleep better). Top meditation teachers share their sessions on the platform, including some that are only available through Simple Habit itself.

Yunha Kim’s primary goal was to make meditation accessible. As an entrepreneur, she knew what a challenge it could be to find any time for the kind of self-care that could actually improve her quality of life, not just distract her from her stress. That’s why Simple Habit offers guided meditations that are as short as 5 minutes long. They’re perfect for fitting into any busy schedule, from waiting in a long line to sitting in traffic, to the few precious moments before walking into an important meeting.

While there are many courses to choose from, users don’t need a lot of time to pick just the right one for their needs. The app makes it easy to open and choose an “On the Go” option. These include Taking A Break, At Work, Commute, Walking and more. There are even Tough Day and SOS options to help manage extremely stressful situations.

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There are many mindfulness and meditation apps that are popular in today’s app stores, and Kim wanted to be sure that Simple Habit’s setup and methods would help it stand out from the competition. They offer scientific research to back up their claims that mindfulness can help improve wellbeing and help burned-out people feel more satisfied with their lives. Their data cites studies that have shown that meditation helps not only improve sleep, increase creativity and improve interpersonal communication, but that it can even help reduce brain activity in the amygdala (the part of the brain associated with emotional reactions).

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Simple Habit had already raised $2.5 million in venture capital and had gained momentum after being featured in Business Insider’s 17 Hottest Startups Launched in 2016, in Apple’s app store, as well as in Forbes and Huffington Post.

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