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Homer and Jethro liked to reminisce about the “good old days,” when they could wander freely, when they lived by their wits, each day an adventure, each meal a triumph. Now, they felt like two fat cats (literally—they’re cats), food served to them; always protected from willful weather and furtive foxes and raccoons. They knew that many of the old days were not good: when they were hungry, freezing, frightened before they were rescued. It was simply that they missed doing what came naturally: exploring, hunting, scratching, sniffing, discovering—all the things that challenged them and proved, once again, their mental and physical acuity. They had traded the thrill of the hunt for Fancy Feast. They were bored and listless, and they overate, ate too quickly, and were packing on the pounds.

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Andrey Grigoryev saw the signs in his cats and set out to make their lives better. The result was Cat Amazing, an interactive game and puzzle box for cats. It is basically a cardboard box with openings of various shapes and sizes. You put treats or little toys in the openings, and your furry friend can exercise those natural instincts. Inside of the box is a maze, and when your cat reaches in to capture a treat, it moves around the maze, triggering those little-used instincts. Never have you seen your cat so happy! And you’re likely to learn that your cat is more clever than you imagined.

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The Cat Amazing Box

  • The cardboard is reinforced and extra-strong. It can handle cats sitting or jumping on it, yet is lightweight enough for cats to slide it around. Besides, cats love the smooth-rough texture of cardboard. It feels good when they claw at it, and they like the distinctive scratchy sound.
  • The box is a modern design, meticulously crafted and decorated with “cat friendly” colors: green, purple and yellow.
  • It’s “human friendly” also in how easily it’s assembled.
  • The openings allow your cat to exercise their paws and brains to be rewarded with treats and toys: his favorite snacks, catnip, crinkle balls, bells, a plush mouse or floppy fish.
  • The box is completely safe for the environment. The cardboard is 100% biodegradable, and the inks are plant based—so also safe for cats to chew on.

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Three Versions of Cat Amazing

  • The Classic has three internal sections and measures 9 inches wide x 14 inches long x 3.5 inches high.
  • The Sliders has five internal sections and measures 11 inches wide x 11 inches long x 9 inches high.
  • The Epic has three levels and seven internal sections and measures 11 inches wide x 18 inches long x 16 inches high.

Three Levels of Difficulty

  • Beginner level has a wide opening at the base for easy access. Beginner sections are green.
  • Intermediate level allows the cat to slide the treats along the sides. If he’s lucky or especially dexterous, the treat will pop out the sides. Intermediate sections are purple.
  • Top Cat level has the smallest and most challenging arrangement of openings. Top Cat sections are yellow.

Veterinarians Recommend Cat Amazing

  • It provides the mental stimulation and engagement of natural feline instincts.
  • It promotes healthy activity through play and foraging.
  • It slows down eating for improved digestion and weight management.

Cat Amazing has a wholesale program for veterinarians to offer cat parents a solution when a cat is overly aggressive, unengaged or restless due to not having an outlet for its natural instincts. Cat Amazing will also help cat parents who do not have the energy or wherewithal to follow the vet’s advice on how to slow down the cat’s eating and manage the meals. It won’t hurt either to get a reputation for being the vet with a great gift for new clients.

Cat Amazing Shelter & Rescue Enrichment Program

A portion of all Cat Amazing proceeds go toward funding the company’s Shelter & Rescue Enrichment Program. The program provides stimulation to cats awaiting adoption into their forever homes. Most cats are returned to shelters due to destructive behaviors. Cat Amazing helps cats socialize in advance of adoption and learn to release their energy in healthy ways. The program also provides educational materials for new cat parents.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 04/15/2022 – Season 13 – Episode 20




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