CitiKitty – Toilet Training for Your Cat!

You may love your cat, but you hate the litter box. Dealing with it is a mess. Even if you clean the litter box multiple times each day, your house still stinks. The moment anyone walks in the door, they know that you have a cat.

The mess isn’t just constrained to the littler box either. Litter gets tracked around your home. Those same feet that were just in the litter box are now walking across your floors, couch and counters.

It’s not your cat’s fault. We simply don’t give them any other option. A litter box allows them to follow their instinct to cover their waste to hide the smell from predators. There is, however, a way to allow your cat to follow that instinct without making your entire house stink. You can toilet train your cat.

The CitiKitty is cat toilet training made simple. The system works using a special training seat that fits any toilet. The training seat consists of 4 rings that are filled with kitty litter. After one week, you remove the first ring, creating a small hole in the litter pan. Each week thereafter, you remove an additional ring, widening the hole to the toilet below. Once all 4 rings are removed, you cat is fully toilet trained and you no longer need the training aid.

Believe it or not, you can get rid of your litter box for good. You cat will continue to use the toilet. They learn that the toilet accomplishes the same task as the litter box did, and in fact hides the smell even better, which they prefer. Your cat is happy and so is everyone else in your home.

The CitiKitty saves you time and money. No more buying kitty litter. No more fighting over who has to clean the litter box. It makes traveling easy too. Your toilet trained cat will use any toilet including public bathrooms and hotel rooms.

The creator of CitiKitty went into the Shark Tank asking for $100k for a 15% share of the company. Kevin Harrington invested in this product for 20% equity. Visit the website to learn more.

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