Kane and Couture – Fashion for Dogs

Pet apparel is nothing new. For years people have been dressing their dogs in little shirts or dresses. Who doesn’t love to dress-up and accessorize their pooch before going out? It’s completely normal to see people today taking their dressed-up dogs in their little bags everywhere you go. When you have your dog with you, their fashion is an extension of yourself. Just like you want a cute outfit and trendy accessories for yourself, you do for your dog as well.

Kane & Couture is an urban chic pet apparel line takes pet apparel and accessories to a new level. The company designs collars, harnesses, leashes, apparel, accessories, beds and bowls for modern day dog owners. You can get trendy carriers, chic leather leashes and intricate pleated and scalloped collars. Just because your dog is a dog, it doesn’t mean she has to dress like one.

For the more budget conscious fashionista, Kane & Couture has the Bubba Dog line offering trendy styles at affordable prices. Get cute studded collars, comfy poochie parkas, bowties and boyfriend button downs on a budget.

Show your dog how much you love them while expressing your own sense of fashion. You love designer clothing, why shouldn’t you dress your dog in it as well? It’s fun, it’s cute and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

You can be as subtle or flashy as you care to be. Even something as simple as a high-quality designer leash makes a statement. On the other hand you can go over the top with full outfits including dresses or hoodies, bows, blinged-out collars, and a trendy pet carrier. Then, when you get back home, they can relax in their cute, plush indoor doghouse. Pamper your pet and have a little fun showing your style.

Kane & Couture is pet apparel made fashionable, functional and affordable.





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