Petnostics – Urine Test for Dogs and Cats

Checking your pet’s urine is one of the best ways to monitor their health and detect early warning signs of disease and future problems. Treating health issues early can save your furry friend a lot of pain and you a lot of money.

Petnostics is a simple and quick way to do a urinalysis test at home, with the same accuracy of the test your veterinarian would do, at a fraction of the cost. Being proactive about your pet’s health couldn’t be easier.

To use Petnostics you’ll collect a small sample of urine from your dog or cat in the provided cup. Then you just put the lid on and the built-in testing strips will begin to react with the urine. Use the free Petnostics app to analyze the results instantly.

Petnostics can screen for many illnesses even before symptoms appear. It’s great for early detection of diabetes (common in cats and dogs, urinary tract infections (can become life threatening), and even kidney and bladder stones.

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