PetPaint – Spray Paint to Decorate your Pets

Do you have a dog that goes with you everywhere? Do you dress him up for Halloween or have a pooch-size football jersey for him? Dog costumes can get expensive and many pets simply don’t like wearing these outfits. Pet Paint give you the perfect way to dress up your dog without the dress.

Pet Paint is a non-permanent colored hairspray for your pets. With available colors including Basset Black, Beagle Blue, Greyhound Green, Old Dog Orange, Poodle Pink, Pug Purple, Rescue Red, Whippet White, and Yorkie Yellow, your only limitation is your creativity.

Pet Paint is completely safe. It’s not only safe on your pet’s skin, but it’s completely safe for ingestion whether by accident or if your dog licks or chews throughout the day. Every product from Pet Paint has been veterinarian tested and is completely dog safe. The company is a member of The America Pet Products Association, The World Pet Association, and The National Association of Professional Creative Groomers. Pet Paint has even been given the seal of approval from PETA.

If your artistic ability is limited, Pet Paint also offers stencils to make your pooch paint job look perfect. With Pet Paint and a stencil, anyone can paint stars, hearts, tiger stripes, flames, bubbles, and more on their dog, cat, horse or any other animal with fur.

To use Pet Paint, simply shake the can and spray on to your pet’s coat. It’s an aerosol can that works very much like spray paint and dries within 10-20 seconds. The colors will remain vibrant throughout the day. When you’re ready to remove, just wash your pet with soap and water as you would for any other bath. There’s also no harm in leaving it in. It will come out on its own after a short period of time.



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