PetPlate – Human Grade Pet Food

Take a look at the ingredients in your dog’s food. If you see something called “by-products” or “meal”, as in “chicken meal” or “lamb meal”, then you may be interested to know what that means exactly.

Meal is the dried material produced by a process called rendering. The animal material that goes to the rendering plant is generally a mixture of slaughterhouse waste and livestock. Animals may be been diseased, dying, or already dead before processing, and often remnants of animal tissue are kept unrefrigerated. A large portion of this animal material consists of parts that would not be eaten in the wild. Meal is considered “feed grade” and not fit for human consumption. By-products are even worse. These are the parts of an animal that people typically do not consume, like bones, blood, organs, hooves, beaks, and other equally appetizing parts.

Lamb & Vegetables
Beef & Brown Rice

It’s safe to say that rendered dog food is not the healthiest diet for your dog, or most living things. That’s why founder Renaldo Webb created PetPlate, a human grade dog food delivery service. Renaldo worked as a supply chain consultant for pet food factories for several years, an experience that opened his eyes to the unsavory processes used in the industry.

PetPlate is pet food that you would eat yourself. The meals are prepared by hand with
ingredients you might use to cook your own dinner. There are absolutely no fillers, by-products, or rendered meals in PetPlate. The only additives are vitamins and supplements such as fish oil to ensure all their meals meet AAFCO’s guidelines for a complete and balanced diet.

Beef & Vegetables
Fish & Potatoes
Lamb & Brown Rice
Turkey & Brown Rice
Turkey & Vegetables

If you are what you eat, then so is your pet. Eating a high quality natural diet is much healthier for animals as well as humans, and can clear up common digestive and allergic issues that animals have with processed foods.

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