Pooch Paper Dog Waste Sheets

Before establishing her latest venture, Pooch Paper, Tracy Rosensteel had worked in several different capacities in the financial arena in New York City. She also established her own company, Vega Consulting, Inc., in 2007, a firm specializing in implementation and training in trading systems for investment banks, brokerage firms and trading floors on Wall Street.

In addition to studying entrepreneurship and business at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, Rosensteel had also studied studio arts. At the same time she was working in the financial world, she produced and directed a travel-biography television show about people around the world pursuing their dreams. Season One of “In Pursuit of Passion” aired to a weekly audience in the US of 75 million viewers through a broadcast partnership with PBS.

Sharing her life in New York was her faithful dog, Indiana Jones. Being a responsible pet owner, Rosensteel always cleaned up after her dog during their walks around the neighborhood. Like most everyone else, she carried the single-use plastic bags designed for that purpose, and these bags ended up in the trash, and eventually in a landfill.

Looking further into the issue, Rosensteel learned that an estimated ten million pounds of “doggie doodie” ends up in US landfills each year, along with 500 million single-use plastic bags. While many are manufactured in ways that decrease the time for eventual breakdown of the plastic, these “oxo-biodegradables” break down into millions of microscopic particles that end up in the air, water, and sometimes even in the food that humans consume.

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Rosensteel was determined to create a product that would be manufactured out of a truly biodegradable material and spent several years creating and testing different papers, coatings, and sizes. In 2018 she founded Pooch Paper and began to market her new product.

On August 29, 2019, Rosensteel and her dog appeared on GenBiz and the C-Suite Network to present Pooch Paper to the public. At that time there was pending legislation that would ban single-use plastic beginning in March of 2020 and it is likely that such efforts will only become more prevalent given the global issues of carbon pollution and lack of landfill space.

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Nancy Kerns of Whole Dog Journal, published an article featuring Pooch Paper on December 20, 2019, and called it the first product they had found that worked well, and contained no plastic whatsoever.

Pooch Paper is made from recycled, non-chlorine bleach paper that is 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable. The paper has a grease-resistant coating and is made in the USA.


Shark Tank Air Date: 10/23/20 – Season 12 – Episode 2


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