SiliDog Silent Pet Tags

18 year old CEO and SiliDog creator Mike Lickstein pitches his silent pet ID tags to the Sharks in Season 8 Episode 5. Mike was fostering dogs from his local shelter when he was struck by inspiration. One of the neglected dogs he had taken in was scratching persistently throughout the night. The constant jiggling of the dog’s ID tag repeatedly woke Mike up. He realized that a dog tag made of a soft material would eliminate the noise when the dog was scratching and playing, and the clanking of the tag on the water and food dishes. It’s irritating and distracting nuisance for people and likely for dogs as well. When he couldn’t find the product at stores or online he knew there was a business opportunity. Mike launched his product on Kickstarter and raised a little over $11k from 247 backers.


Silidog tags are made of durable silicone that can stand up to aggressive play and other doggie adventures. The flexible material can twist, stretch, bend, glow in the dark, and best of all, is completely silent. SiliDog tags also last longer than traditional metal tags. The color on metal tags fades after a few years, they get scratched and dinged, and the text can become difficult to read. The text and color on Silidog tags will never fade and the material is unaffected by salt water, UV light, mud, and anything else your dog gets into. 


SiliDog tags are currently available is 3 shapes (bone, heart, or circle) and 6 colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Pink, or White). You can customize your tag with any information you want and there’s plenty of room on the front or back for your phone number, address, microchip number, or medical details. A portion of every sale is donated to animal charities like ASPCA.

Shark Tank Air Date: 10/21/16 – Season 8 – Episode 5




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