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According to prepscholar.com, the average SAT score for American high school students in 2014 was 1497. That’s almost 1000 points below the highest possible score of 2400. When Shaan Patel took his first PSAT test, his score was 1760, less than 300 points over the national average. Fast forward to his first real-life, everything-depends-on-this-moment SAT score? A whopping 2400, literally the perfect score.

Patel is now a dual MD/MBA student at Yale and USC. He has won over a million dollars in scholarships, and even met the President. In his own words at his website, “my perfect SAT score changed my life”. He uses the skills he gained from his own focused studying to help other students around the world to achieve their personal best scores. His students boast an average 368-point boost on their SAT scores after his program, and he’s seen students gain as many as 1100.

2400 Expert (part of Prep Expert) has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today and TIME as well as FOX and NBC News. There are 18 locations across the country and online formats that offer SAT prep classes, ACT prep classes, as well as general college prep courses and even intense weekend camps that offer an online review on weekends before tests are scheduled. Students can take courses online or at physical locations, making it easy to prepare wherever they are.

Shaan Patel’s story an inspiring one, but 2400 Expert proves that his results aren’t impossible to imitate. All SAT instructors must have a minimum score of 2200 on their own SAT, ensuring that students learn from the best. Content for the courses is created by students who earned perfect scores. Plus, unlike 2400 Expert’s competitors, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee on all classes.

2400 Expert offers great value, superior pricing and the ultimate guiding experience for students looking to raise their SAT score and change their lives for the better.


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