EZ VIP Tickets

EZ VIP was a website that offered tickets to the hottest high-end venues in Miami and bottle service at the table of your choice with an EZ VIP representative to escort you to your table to avoid any possible glitches. Once you had that reservation locked in, no one could “bump” you, not even the likes of Daymond John or Mark Cuban. And you never had to “pony up” more money to keep that table. The service eliminated the dreaded scenario of taking friends or clients to an impressive club and then not being allowed in. Alashe Nelson, EZ VIP’s founder, had a stylish website that was easy to use. He had already grossed $250,000 and had contracts with clubs in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York City.

Ez Vip Shark Tank 2

All the sharks, except Barbara, were interested in making a deal with Alashe. A rather convoluted bidding war ended up with Mark and Daymond competing against Kevin and Robert. While Alashe was deciding, Barbara told him to pick the people who are fun. He chose Mark and Daymond, but also, Daymond had thrown in an “A list artist” to promote the business.

On a Shark Tank update, it looked like they were having fun and were destined for success. Alashe, Daymond and rapper Pitbull were having a great time in Miami. Pitbull became the face of EZ VIP and did several promotional videos for them. And then? The website is “parked” on GoDaddy waiting for someone to buy it. The Twitter and Instagram accounts were deleted. The Facebook remains but the last post was in 2014. And we have no idea why the business tanked.

EZ VIP is no longer in business.

Shark Tank Air Date: 1/20/2012 – Season 3 – Episode 1




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