iReTron Device Recycling

iReTron is an online service that buys, refurbishes, donates, resells and responsibly disposes of used or unwanted electronics. They offer the highest price on the market and are the greenest such service for disposing of cell phones, calculators, tablets, and the like. It’s as easy as: customers get an online quote to accept or decline. If they accept, they ship their devices at no charge to iReTron and get paid within a few days.

Iretron Device Recycling 2

Jason Li founded the company when he was 16 years old. He knew people who bought the latest technology as soon as it was available and tossed away the old models. He knew people who could not afford any kind of electronic device. He also was concerned because electronics are now one of the primary sources of pollution. With iReTron, Jason could recycle used electronics or dispose of them properly.

Jason continues as CEO of iReTron, which has expanded to also become an online source of information regarding wireless technology. His profits allowed him to study economics and computer science at the University of Chicago. He is involved with encouraging other young would-be entrepreneurs, and his latest venture is Flipside, a media platform that breaks down news articles and determines whether they are actually news or fake news—someone’s opinion.

Update: iReTron is no longer in business.

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