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Dave Greco’s claim to fame was that he could sell anything to anyone (except his business to the sharks) and that he had won “every sales award there is to win.” He developed a system to teach people how to sell and had deals with several large corporations, most notably Met Life. In his business model, he or an associate went to the company and taught the system. The sales came from the accompanying printed materials. He was in the Tank because he wanted to sell his system as a mobile app and make it more accessible to more people. His two-part system was “Missile,” how to get to the person in the company that makes the buying decisions, and “Road Map,” an industry-specific guide to devising a sales pitch.

Salespreneur Shark Tank 2

Mark offered Dave a deal, but wanted an immediate response. Even though warned, Dave wanted to hear from Barbara. Barbara went out. He went back to Mark, but it was too late. Mark gave him a lesson in sales: The worst mistake a salesperson can make is not closing a deal when it’s right there in front of him.

Dave left the Tank without a deal, but later had an interview with Daymond. Daymond read Dave’s material and was impressed. He did not invest with Dave but thought he really was a great salesperson.

According to LinkedIn, Dave still works in corporate sales. His Salespreneur website is gone as are his social media feeds. There is a book written by someone else, The Salespreneur: Introducing the New Era Salesperson, that was published in 2019, but we have no idea if there is any connection to Dave.

Salespreneur is no longer in business.

Shark Tank Air Date: 1/27/2012 – Season 3 – Episode 2




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