Holiday Gift Guide

All of your favorite Shark Tank companies in one place and offering big discounts. This holiday gift guide for Shark Tank products provides great suggestions for stocking stuffers, secret santas, and white elephant parties, as well as a variety of gift ideas for every type of recipient imaginable. Even better, nearly every company on this list has provided an exclusive coupon code for savings on their website!

2020 Shark Tank Gift Guide Products



A cooler, more fashion-forward bathrobe re-designed & re-engineered for guys today, DudeRobe truly is the only robe a dude should ever wear. That’s why more and more professional sports teams and athletes are bringing DudeRobes into the locker room. With optional shorts and pants, DudeRobe gear not only looks more like a hoodie (and sweatpants and shorts), but it’s also more absorbent than a regular robe. Isn’t it time you joined the Robe-o-lution?!?

Duderobe Shark Tank Gift Guide Blue

Price: starting at $44.95

20% OFF
expires December 15, 2020

Use promo code SharkDude for 20% off and free US shipping at DudeRobe.com

Gift idea for: Any dude in your life - boyfriend dudes, husband dudes, father dudes, son dudes, athlete dudes, video game dudes - basically, any kind of dude.


Pristine Toilet Paper Spray

Spray Pristine directly onto dry toilet paper to create an instant wet wipe that is actually flushable and free of harsh ingredients. Pristine is dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and made in the USA.

Holiday Pristine Shark Tank Gift Guide

Price: starting at $6.99

25% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code SecretSanta for 25% off your entire order at pristinesprays.com

Gift idea for: Men, women, mothers, fathers, children, adults, campers/hikers, RVers, Cruisers, and those who otherwise wipe!



PupBox is changing the way people raise their puppies. They deliver all of the products and training information new puppy owners need on a monthly basis. Each box is customized based on your puppy’s age, physical characteristics, and stage development to help walk you through all of the joys and challenges of puppyhood. Puppyhood is hard, PupBox makes it easier. PupBox makes the pawfect gift for that special fur-baby in your family. Each box includes 5-7 products and has a special Happy Howl-idays theme!

Pupbox Shark Tank Gift Guide

Price: starting at $29

90% OFF
expires December 6, 2020

Take 90% OFF your first PupBox with coupon code pupbox90. Offer valid on 6 and 12 month subscription plans at PupBox.com

Gift idea for: Anypawdy with a fur-baby in their lives!


Snarky Tea

Making tea great again. Whether you need to Calm The F**k Down, Wake The F**k Up, or Get Your Sh*t Together…it’s motherf**king tea time, all the time with Snarky Tea.

Shark Tank Gift Guide Snarky Tea 2

Price: $12.99 each

$5 sampler
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code GIMME and snag the Snarky Sampler for just $5 at snarkytea.com

Gift idea for: The foul-mouthed and fabulous.


Moki Doorstep

Moki Doorstep is a step that instantly hooks on to your vehicle to allow easy rooftop and roof rack access. Simply hook the step over any one of the vehicle’s U-shaped door latches. When you are finished using the step, you can fold it and conveniently store it in the center console, glove box or spare tire compartment.

Moki Doorstep Shark Tank

Price: $44.95

15% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code HOLIDAY for 15% off and free shipping at mokidoorstep.com

Gift idea for: Anyone who enjoys traveling, uses roof racks, or is a car enthusiast!



Are you tired of your bricks coming apart? Le-Glue to the rescue, the only water releasable adhesive for Lego type building bricks. No more messy break-ups with Le-Glue. When you want them to come apart, just soak them in water, and they come apart like new again. Created for kids by a kid!

Leglue Shark Tank Lego Glue

Price: starting at $8.99

15% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code Sharktankguide for 15% off at le-glue.com

Gift idea for: Any brick builders young and young at heart.


Bug Bite Thing

Bug Bite Thing is a suction tool that extracts insect saliva and venom from under the skin to help alleviate the itching, stinging, and swelling that occurs from bug bites and stings. When you remove the irritant, your body stops producing the reaction that causes the uncomfortable symptoms. Unlike topical creams and ointments, the problem is eliminated, not masked.

Shark Tank Gift Guide Bug Bite

Price: starting at $9.95

Gift idea for: Everyone, including travelers, parents of active kids, teachers, soccer coaches, babysitters, campers, fishermen, and anyone who spends time outdoors.


GloveStix and StankStix

Odor eliminating Stix for athletic gloves, shoes, cleats, boots, arm pads, knee pads, helmets and more. They will inhibit 99.9% of odor causing bacteria growth for 10 years, absorb moisture and deodorize. Non toxic, chemical free and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Glovestix Stankstix Shark Tank Gift Guide

Price: $29.99

10% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code STGIFTS for 10% off and free shipping at GloveStix.com. The coupon works on already discounted bundle packs and combo deals.

Gift idea for: Men, Women, Mothers, Fathers, Children, Adults, Athletes, Adventurers


Dollop Gourmet

Dollop Gourmet is the first and tastiest non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, allergy friendly and lower sugar frosting and dessert topping! Founded by Heather Saffer, Food Network’s Cupcake Wars winner and 2x bestselling cookbook author, Dollop Gourmet is the only ingredient every baker and dessert aficionado needs in their cupboard.

Dollop Shark Tank Gift Guide 2b

Price: $19.99

20% OFF
expires December 13th, 2020

Use coupon code SharkTankHoliday for 20% off on DollopGourmet.com


Visit Heather Saffer’s newest brand and passion project to raise money for animal rescues, www.HeatherAndDonald.com. Shop exclusive gifts & apparel featuring Heather’s unique artwork and 20% from your purchase is donated to animal shelters and rescues in need. Use coupon code SharkTankHoliday for 20% off before December 14th.

Gift idea for: Dessert lovers, At-home bakers, Vegans and animal lovers, People with food allergies, Gluten-free diet.


Myself Belts

Myself Belts are an innovative, easy to fasten line of belts for children and adults that make dressing easier. The one-handed patented closure is perfect for potty training, preschool, school uniforms, special needs, or just as a cute accessory! Available in fun patterns like fire trucks, race cars, unicorns and rainbows, as well as solids and leather.

Shark Tank Gift Guide Myself Belts

Price: starting at $19.95

15% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code HOLIDAYFUN for 15% savings  at myselfbelts.com

Gift idea for: potty training, school uniforms, special needs, and adults with hand dexterity challenges


Pooch Selfie

Pooch Selfie is the Original Pet Selfie Smartphone Accessory which completely changes the quality of pictures you can capture of your dog. Our smartphone attachment will help pet owners capture the absolute best selfies with their dogs. No more face licked selfies with your pups. Never miss another social media opportunity to share your pups face with the world. Pooch Selfie comes with a removable Squeaking Pooch Selfie ball and One Smartphone Attachment.

Pooch Selfie Dog Products Shark Tank 2

Price: $9.99

20% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code XMAS2020 for 20% at poochselfie.com

Gift Idea For: Woman, Mothers, Teens, Adults, Millennials, Gen Z, Gen Y



With a Grypmat, you’ll experience a whole new workflow. These flexible tool mats have an insane grip that keeps your tools from sliding off almost any surface you work on. Your tools are right where you left them, every single time. Heat resistant up to 500ºF and resistant to harsh chemicals, these flexible trays are just as tough as you are. When the job is done, simply clean with soap and water and you’re ready for the next task at hand.

Shark Tank Gift Guide Grypmap

Price: starting at $19.99

20% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code sharktank20  for 20% off at grypmat.com

Gift idea for: Anyone working with hand tools, small parts, or in difficult to work in environments. Great for the mechanic, tinkerer, or DIY-er in your life!


Line Cutterz & Thread Cutterz

Line Cutterz is a patented, innovative & safe fishing line cutting solution. The recessed dual-blade design easily slices through monofilament and braided fishing line without any moving parts or dangerous open blades. Thread Cutterz is perfect for quick and convenient cutting of thread, yarn, embroidery floss and even gift-wrapping ribbon. The recessed blade design is TSA allowed and is completely safe.

Shark Tank Gift Guide Line Cutterz
Shark Tank Gift Guide Line2

Price: starting at $12

15% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code SHARKTANK15 for 15% off at linecutterz.com and threadcutterz.com



Gift idea for: great stocking stuffer for fishers, crafters, quilters, cross-stitchers, and knitters.


Shower Toga

The perfect gift idea for the outdoor, beach, athlete or healthcare worker on your list. Shower Toga is an innovative 5 ounce, high quality, patent pending, coated nylon wearable product for changing, showering and redressing that lasts for years and is machine washable (no dryer). Shower Toga doubles as a bag for your dirty clothes, or wet suit, allowing you to keep your car clean and dry. Your very own portable locker room-Just add water! It's the patented changing garment you can shower in!

Shark Tank Gift Guide Shower

Price: $46.95

30% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code SHARK for 30% off your order and free shipping for all orders over $75 at showertoga.com

Gift idea for: Everyone, including athletes (surfers, mud runs, triathletes, bikers, hunters, fishers, swimmers, motor cross, runners, league players, any sport where you get dirty and sweaty and need a quick place to change and rinse off in public), campers, van lifers, wheeler community, music festivals, kids sports, vacation goers, first responders and health care workers (FOR DECON). Perfect for staying clean during covid-19 considering the lack of public facilities.


Thompson Tee

Everyone should own a Thompson Tee, it has a patented sweat-proof technology that prevents those embarrassing armpit stains. They are lightweight, washer and dryer safe, the technology doesn't lose its effect over time and these special undershirts are handcrafted in the USA! Available for men and women in multiple styles, sizes, and colors.

Thompson Tee Shark Tank Gift Guide

Price: $28.99+

25% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code SHARKTANK25 to get 25% off your order at thompsontee.com

Gift idea for: Anyone who has anything important going on in their life!


BRUW - Mason Jar Cold Brew

BRUW is the best way to make cold brew at home. BRUW uses mason jars and an innovative double sided filter to make the process seamless. It is not only the cleanest way to cold brew coffee, it is the most sustainable way. Add to that the cost-effectiveness of it as well as the portability. It is a compact system that you can toss into your gym bag for a great pre-workout, fat-burning, metabolism-boosting beverage or pull you out of those afternoon slumps.

Shark Tank Gift Guide Bruw

Price: $19.99

10% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code SAVE10 for 10% off at BRUW.net

Gift idea for: Coffee lovers!



Pricetitution, the perfect new card game for over the holidays, has you guess how much money it would take your friends and family to do absurd things... like how much to get a tattoo of the last thing you ate? Or how much to say “Can’t win ‘em all” to the next person that shows you a picture of their baby? 🙂 With it’s compact design, Pricetitution is also easy to take anywhere. As a stocking stuffer, a white elephant gift, or for anyone who likes a ridiculous conversation, Pricetitution has you unintentionally learning things about each other that can’t be unlearned!

Shark Tank Gift Guide Pricetitution 3

Price: $20.99

10% off
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code IMAPRICETITUTE to get the game for $18.99 at pricetitution.com

Gift idea for: Friends, Family, White elephant gifts, People that talk about ridiculous things, *(Some content is for ages 16 and over; can remove cards as desired)


No Mo-Stache

Meet No Mo-Stache - the world's first portable wax kit! Finally, wax that can move with your busy schedule. No Mo-Stache includes ready to use cold wax strips that can be heated up with hand-generated friction. The kits fit in the smallest of places because, let's be real, sometimes you don't notice your mustache in your bathroom. Wax your mustache or body hair whenever it decides to pop up. No Mo-Stache kits have everything you need for a perfect wax, including soothing aloe cream, are free of artificial colors, fragrances, parabens, and are cruelty-free.

No Mo Stache Shark Tank Gift Guide

Price: starting at $12

25% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code NOMO for 25% off your entire order at nomostache.com

Gift idea for: Women, men, and teens



Get the cat lover on your list the ultimate gift - a DNA test to show breeds, health and traits. Best part - it's 50% off, so get it RIGHT MEOW!

Basepaws Shark Tank Gift Guide

50% off
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code meowgic10 for 10% off at basepaws.com


Kanga Coolers

The World’s First and Only ICELESS cooler for an entire case of beer or soda! Simply SLIP, ZIP and SIP your way to cold beverages for up to 7 hours with NO ICE! The perfect alternative to the standard heavy, cumbersome cooler; the expense and bother of replenishing ice; and the bone-chilling plunge of a hand in search of a can. #KoolerThanACooler

Shark Tank Gift Guide Kanga 3

Starting at $34.95 for the 12-Pack, $39.95 for the 24-Pack

20% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use code “KOOL20” for 20% off the entire order at kangacoolers.com


Pandaloon Walking Pet Costumes

Hilarious walking teddy bear costumes for dogs and cats. From the viral Panda Puppy costume to lions, bunnies, bears, and unicorns! These patented, adorable, and adjustable costumes will make any pet lover’s day.

Pandaloon Group Shark Tank Gift Guide

Price: $39.99

Free Expedited Shipping
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code SHARKTANKGIFTS for Free Expedited Shipping at Pandaloon.com

Gift idea for: Dog moms and dads, Pet Owners, small and medium dogs and cats.


ISlide Sandals

Blow their socks off with the perfect gift. Put on your creative cap and start designing your 100% one-of-a-kind custom pair. Not ready to go full custom? No problem. ISlide offers thousands of Original and Exclusively Licensed designs in collaboration with the NBA, WNBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, NFLPA, Taco Bell, Nickelodeon, Captain Morgan and more.

Shark Tank Gift Guide Islide

Price: Starting at $30

25% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code SHARK25 at ISlideUSA.com

This year, give them a gift that lets them Stand In What They Stand For.


Pop it Pal

Pop it Pal® is the amazing pimple popping toy! Incredibly satisfying, stress relieving and most of all, FUN! Pop it Pal® is made of a skin-safe silicone with an all natural pus that simulates the popping of a huge pimple! Every Pop It Pal® comes with 16 pimples ready to be picked the minute you receive it and one refill tube. Now you can squeeze as much as you please!

Shark Tank Gift Guide Pimple

Price: starting at $19.99

20% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code SHARK for 20% off and free shipping at popitpal.com

Gift idea for: anyone who loves popping pimples!



At age 26, the owner of SwimZip was diagnosed with skin cancer, which was a direct result of sun exposure in youth. She decided to do something to help kids avoid the same fate by educating parents on the permanent harm that can be done to kids’ skin and providing UPF 50+ swimwear that would be cute, easy to use and affordable. Now, they offer sun-protective swimwear for all ages and other related goodies for trips to the beach!

Swimzip Shark Tank Gift Guide

Price: starting at $30

25% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code SharkTank25 for 25% off your holiday order at swimzip.com

Gift Idea for: Men, Women, Mothers, Fathers, Children, Teens, Adults, Millennials, Gen Z, Gen Y


Circadian Optics Lamps

When the doldrums of winter and WFH life are getting your friends and family down, Circadian Optics is the gift of uplift! Circadian Optics light therapy lamps mimic the color and the brightness of daylight to help improve mood,energy and sleep. These designer lamps look great on their desk, office, bedroom, or anywhere natural light is needed. If the doldrums of winter are getting your coworker down, Circadian Optics Lumos 2.0 Light Therapy Lamp is the gift of uplift.

Shark Tank Gift Guide Optics

Price: Starting at $39.99

10% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code SHARKTANK for Free Shipping and receive 10% off your entire order on circadianoptics.com

Gift Idea for: Coworkers, clients, moms, mother-in-law, college students, wellness fans, women, entrepreneurs, family members.


Flip-It!® Cap

According to Consumer Reports®, up to 25% of household products are wasted because people can’t get them out of the bottle. Enter the Flip-It!® Cap. This simple solution makes it easy and satisfying to get every last drop! Stop throwing away money on wasted products. It’s perfect for almost any cream, lotion, condiment, or liquid that comes in a plastic bottle — such a soap, hand sanitizer, shampoo, conditioner, honey, syrups, car wax, glue, and more! The washable and reusable Flip-It!® Cap comes with several adapters that screw into the Dispensing Stand, allowing it to fit the most common bottle neck sizes used around the world. What’s more, it’s made of 100% BPA-Free, food grade materials and even features a fail safe valve design! Don’t Toss It...Flip-It!®

Flipitcap Shark Tank Gift Guide Bottle

Price: starting at $33 for a case of 6 individually boxed sets (or $5.50 per set).

FREE SHIPPING at flipitcap.com

Gift idea for: Everyone in your life! Even the person who has everything will love this clever solution as it continuously saves them time and money for years to come.


Buzzy and VibraCool

Buzzy has blocked pain from over 35 million needle procedures! Proven to reduce injection pain 86% for adults, 75% for kids, Buzzy also helps itching, boo-boos, and bumps around the house. Whether helping stay adherent to home medications or teaching kids to use bugs, not drugs for pain, Buzzy helps!

VibraCool® wearable, portable therapies combine patented Mechanical Stimulation frequency and ice to relieve pain, stiffness, and inflammation. VibraCool® helps with pain reduction, increased blood flow, and faster healing and provides convenient mobile icing of injuries with added mobility. VibraCool® is great to help with post-surgical pain, sports recovery, rehabilitation, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, restricted motion, and muscle tension.

Buzzy Shark Tank Gift Guide

Price: Starting at $44.95

Vibracool Shark Tank Gift Guide

Price: starting at $70

20% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code SHARK for 20% off and free shipping on Buzzy and VibraCool at paincarelabs.com

Gift idea for: Women, men, teens, crossfit, runners, bikers, gamers, and anyone getting stiff waiting for an elective surgery!



Patented shoe care solutions for women, men, and children. Solemates make you more comfortable in your own shoes; and this time of year their products are spreading tidings of (actual) Comfort + Joy. The Blister Blocker is a naturally formulated balm that prevents friction, hot spots, and blisters on feet or anywhere your body may need it. The Deodorizer is a natural solution that eliminates bacteria in shoes. Gentle enough to use on children’s shoes, strong enough that SoulCycle uses it in all of their studios.

Shark Tank Gift Guide Solemates

Price: starting at $12

20% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code SHARK for 20% off at thesolemates.com

Gift idea for: Women, men, children, and coworkers!


Slate Milk

After years of waiting for a ‘modern’ chocolate milk to hit the market, we decided to take action - and fix everything wrong with this classic, naturally protein-rich category. Because while we may not be health gurus nor gold-medal athletes, we do everything we can to live an active and healthy lifestyle. This meant making our favorite drink, chocolate milk, better. That's why we created Slate - a line of lactose free chocolate milks with 17g protein, 75% less sugar than regular chocolate milk, only natural ingredients, and packaged in a 100% recyclable aluminum can. Slate products also do not require refrigeration, but like most drinks, they taste way better cold!

Shark Tank Gift Guide Slate

Price: $35.99 for a 12-pack case

20% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use code SHARK20 for 20% off your entire order! (offer not valid for subscribe & save or bulk orders)

Gift idea for: Whole family, fitness enthusiasts, chocolate milk lovers, foodies, athletes, college students, those with lactose-free diets (also gluten, nut & soy free), anyone interested in nutrition & healthy living!



Hang your holiday cards instantly anywhere this holiday season. GoodHangups turns your wall into a magnet board and is perfect for hanging posters, prints, photos, cards, and much more. No Holes. No Damage. All fun!

Shark Tank Gift Guide Good Hangups

Price: $14.99

25% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code GH25 for 25% off your holiday order at www.goodhangups.com

Gift idea for: Anyone hanging holiday cards, renters and students, parents and grandparents, and artist and photographers


ZUUM Tech Shoes

ZUUM Tech Shoes are fully electric self-balancing skates designed as an easy and fun way to ride around indoors or outdoors. The fireproof, kid friendly design allows for hours of entertainment and fun! ZUUM Tech Shoes are compact and lightweight, making them the most portable electric transportation device ever made. ZUUM Tech Shoes are made with the adult tech lover in mind, as well as any kid who can’t wait to show off to their friends.

Zuum Tech Shoes Shark Tank Gift Guide 2

Price: starting at $350

$50 OFF
expires December 15, 2020

Use promo code SharkTankHoliday for $50 off and free US shipping at zuumtech.com

Gift idea for: They make the perfect holiday gift for children, highschool & college students, adults, any tech lover, and all children who love a good toy for fun entertainment!


Novel Effect

The Novel Effect app adds music and sound effects to read alouds to add a little magic to your storytime. At home or in the classroom, Novel Effect is the perfect gift for parents and teachers to spice up their read aloud game. Fill the room with perfectly paired theme music and sound effects that will bring out all the giggles and make every child love reading. Novel Effect Premium takes reading to the next level with access to hundreds of digital books, off-line access, and so much more.

Shark Tank Gift Guide Novel

Price: $59.99 for a 1 year subscription to Novel Effect Premium

20% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use code SHARKTANK20 for 20% off an annual subscription

Gift idea for: Parents with Kids, Teachers, Educators, Preschool, Kids, Grandparents, and anyone who loves a good story!



BrandYourself’s software helps individuals and their families clean up, protect and improve their online reputation and online privacy. We live our entire lives online which has opened us up to reputation, privacy and security risks ranging from identity theft, spam, financial hacking, stalking, doxing, blackmail, and job loss. Our tools help keep you safe, secure and in control.

Brandyourself Shark Tank Gift Guide 2 Large

Price: starting at $20

50% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code SHARKTANK for 50% off all products

Gift Idea for: professionals, coworkers, college grads, high school grads, parents, moms, dads, adult children.



SubSafe is the first waterproof containers for sub sandwiches. SubSafe Includes 3 water-tight BPA-free pieces that thread together to protect a 6" or 12" sandwich. SubSafe also doubles as a drink cup or food bowl and is available hot pink, seafoam green, or charcoal grey. Rated the ultimate food container and sub sandwich protector, allowing you to always have a good meal without a soggy or wet sandwich.

Shark Tank Gift Guide Subsafe 2

Price: $17.95

10% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code SHARKTANK for 10% off your holiday order at thesubsafe.com

Gift idea for: anyone who loves sub sandwiches!


Bridal Buddy

Bridal Buddy is a sheer, lightweight slip worn under the gown that helps brides lift up the skirt of their dress so that they can use the bathroom unassisted! All a bride has to do is gather the fabric in the slip, pull it up over her shoulders, slip her arms through the holes, and go. A drawstring makes it easy to close up tight so no fabric falls through.

Bridal Buddy Shark Tank Gift Guide Holiday

Price: $34.95

20% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code SHARKTANK20 for 20% off at bridalbuddy.com

Gift idea for: engaged friends, cosplay, and pageant!


ABS Protein Pancake & Baking Mix

Enjoy your favorite breakfast and baked goods every day while sticking to your weight loss and nutrition goals! ABS Protein Pancake & Baking mix is High Protein, Low Carb, Low Sugar, Low Calorie, All Natural, and Gluten Free. Enjoy delicious pancakes, waffles, brownies, cookies and more EVERY DAY while staying on track with your nutrition! 1 Serving of any of our ABS flavors delivers over 26g Protein, Under 8g net carbs, Under 200 Calories, Less than 3g sugar, and over 7g Fiber! ABS are made in the kitchen and now you can have the food you really want while staying healthy.

Shark Tank Gift Guide Abs

Price: Starting at $39.95

Makes 40 Pancakes per bag -10 Servings Total. Less than $5/serving.

Gift Idea for Men, Women, Athletes, Fitness Enthusiast, Diabetics, Healthy Holiday Treats, Gluten Free Diet, and anyone looking to hit their Nutrition and Weight Loss Goals with delicious food!


SeeRescue Streamer

SeeRescueStreamer is a military-approved and patented emergency signaling technology that is used by military organizations worldwide and provides superior visibility to attract the attention of rescuers or mark wilderness areas. The military grade chem-lights and retro-reflectors provide active and passive night signaling and can be seen from miles away.

Shark Tank Gift Guide Seerescue Signal

Price: $80

Gift idea for: Boaters, hikers, paddlers, and anyone that goes into the wilderness (wet or dry)!


Custard Stand Chili

Custard Stand Chili offers two styles of fully cooked 100% beef chilis for the meat-lover in your life. Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili uses a century-old, family recipe with a secret blend of spices and quality ingredients. Custard Stand Chili with Beef & Beans provides a home-cooked flavor and a hint of heat for a tasty tingle. The chilis are gluten-free with no trans-fats or added preservatives and fillers.

Custard Stand Chili Gift Idea Shark Tank

Price: starting at $17.99

30% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code shark30 for 30% off at CustardStand.com

Gift idea for: foodies, meat-eaters, busy parents/caregivers, people who like to buy made in America products or support mom/pop-owned businesses, people from West Virginia


Kitchen Safe kSafe

Kitchen Safe kSafe is a time locking container commitment device!

Thekitchensafe Shark Tank Gift Guide

Price: $49 - $59

10% OFF
expires December 31, 2020

Use promo code CommitToImprove for 10% off at thekitchensafe.com

Gift idea for: Cell phone addicts, holiday overspender can lock away cash, or New Years Resolution to quit smoking or lose weight.