Corks Away Wine Cruise

Nathan Buffet and Shane Cianciolo started the Corks Away Wine Adventures more or less as a lark. They would take six customers on a luxurious sail boat ride along the California coastline, serving wine and appetizers. They were tremendously successful and expanded into beer, mimosas and couples cruises. They had more ideas on how to expand further: open the business up to franchising, sell their popular pesto appetizer retail, and create an indoor dinner cruise in Las Vegas. In other words, they were a bit scattered.

Corks Away Wine Cruise Shark Tank 2

The sharks loved the guys and that they were having so much fun. Their advice: just keep on doing what they were doing.

After the Tank, Corks Away purchased a second boat that seated 25 people, and they became even more popular. But it didn’t last. The business sank. They took their boats to Santos Marina in El Salvador, intending to start an Eco Tourism business.

Corks Away is no longer in business.

Shark Tank Air Date: 11/16/2012 – Season 4 – Episode 10



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