Jarrett and Raja – The Magic and Piano Guys

What do you get when you mix magic, music and a bit of mayhem? Stir it up and you’ve got one of the zany spectacles put on by Jarrett and Raja. This duo combines their skills of illusion and musical talent to put on a show like no other. Their act wowed the judges on “America’s Got Talent” as well as BBC’S “The Slammer”. With their high-flying white piano and unbelievable twists on classic tricks including “the saw” and “the empty cage”, theirs is a show to truly behold.

From corporate events to the stage of the band One Republic, Jarrett and Raja bring fun and wonder to any event. As a professionally trained pianist and understudy of Harry Blackstone, Jr (Raja and Jarrett, respectively), they are ready for anything, and bring a new sense of engagement to their shows for all ages.


Shark Tank Air Date: 4/22/2016 – Season 7 – Episode 25




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