Vurtego Pogo Sticks

The world of extreme sports has a new entrant, extreme pogo. Extreme pogo sticks aren’t anything like the little toy you had growing up. These pogo sticks use space-age technology to launch riders as high as 10 feet into the air.

Vurtego is the best of the best in the world of extreme pogo. Vurtego holds the world record for the highest jump on a pogo stick, most jumps in a minute, most back flips and more. Their advanced technology is unlike any other stick on the market, yet is simple enough that anyone can ride.

Vurtego doesn’t use springs like most traditional pogo sticks. With springs, there’s a hard limit on how high you can jump. Bigger springs weight more. At some point you simply can’t overcome the competing forces. Vurtego bypasses that entirely by using compressed air to create an “air spring”.

In the center of the Vurtego pogo stick is a cylinder of compressed air. When you jump down on the stick, the air in the cylinder is compressed even more. The natural pushback of the air propels you upwards. This means that you can soar 10x higher than you could on a traditional pogo stick.

This design also makes the Vurgeto super durable. The entire stick is made out of high-quality aircraft aluminum and stainless steel and is virtually indestructible. The air cylinder is designed to withstand more than 2,000 psi of pressure. No matter how much you weigh or how hard you jump, you won’t break the Vurgeto.

The latest version, the V3, comes in three different sizes to fit riders of all sizes. The small fits riders 5’3” and under, the medium fits riders 5’4” to 5’11”, and the large fits rider 6’ and up. No matter your size, the Vurtego will work for you.

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Shark Tank Products pogo

Shark Tank Products pogo


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