ZinePack – Music Fan Memorabilia

When you’re a fan, music is about more than just the sound coming from the speakers. It’s about the experience that artist brings. It’s like going to a concert. You don’t go to just hear the music. You want the experience and the energy of seeing them perform live. You want that tangible side of music.

Outside of a live concert it’s hard to get that same experience. It’s rare for music to have anything physical attached to it. With places like iTunes and various streaming services, the days of physical CDs and case artwork are fading. In 2011, the creators of ZinePack launched a campaign to reverse that trend.

ZinePack brings the full music experience back to life with limited edition albums from mainstream artists that include artist memorabilia like posters, guitar picks, magazine-length booklets and more. For instance, with the launch of Katy Perry’s album, Prism, the bundle included nail decals, stickers, flowers and a full-color magazine.

If you’re a real fan of music, you need to check out ZinePack. Outside of a concert, there’s no way to get the cool memorabilia that you get with their limited edition albums. Order Lindsey Stirling’s album Shatter Me and get a 48-page magazine and breakaway lyric magnets. Buy Fall Out Boy’s latest album and get an exclusive patch. If you have kids, check out what ZinePack has put together for Kidz Bop 29. It includes an interactive magazine, stickers, activities and more.

ZinePack transforms music from a commodity to an experience. Connect with your favorite artists and their music like you never have before.

Update: Zinepack changed its name to The Superfan Company. Founder Brittany Hodak sold her stake in the company.




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