EVP – Flood Protection Bag for Cars

Floods can do catastrophic damage to vehicles, rendering a brand new car worthless overnight. Most insurance policies don’t cover flood damage, but the EVP is an economical way to protect your car should the need arise. With severe weather becoming more frequent, the EVP is a must have for those living in flood plains or near large bodies of water.

The EVP (Extreme Vehicle Protection) is a heavy-duty protective bag that fully encloses your car, safeguarding it from floods and other less than ideal conditions. The tear and puncture resistant material is a 100% recyclable high-density plastic that can withstand up to 36” of floodwaters.

Evp Shark Tank

It’s easy to use and can be around your car in less than 10 minutes if you have someone to help you hold the bag open. You lay the EVP out in front of your vehicle, drive in and zip it up. They’re available in 3 sizes: the small EVP fits small sports cars, classics, and smart cars. The medium size bag protects sedans, hatchbacks and standard sports cars. If you have an SUV, mini van or sports wagon, the large EVP has you covered.

The EVP can also be used to protect your vehicle when in long term storage. Since the inside is airtight, it’s recommended that you also use a desiccant to reduce moisture.


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