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Sometimes it’s so much trouble getting your vehicle ready for an outdoor adventure it’s almost not worth it. Emphasis on “almost.” ‘Cause you’re not going to miss out on the excitement of roaming the highways and byways; climbing mountains roads to breathe in the pure, exhilarating air; heading off to your favorite water place to do anything from cliff diving to a sunset sail; or vacationing in the desert to sand surf, hang-glide or search for ancient fossils.

So you wrestle that cap onto your truck, hoist the cargo carrier up onto your roof, gather up all the sleeping gear and stuff it here and there, and drag out the pet carrier. It is physically and mentally exhausting.

The founders of FLATED have been outdoor adventurers all of their lives. They each have their own areas of expertise and joined forces to create innovative, hassle-free, affordable and durable products to outfit vehicles.

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FLATED Founders

CEO Ryan Guay is a former professional cyclist. He was born into a ski business family and ventured off into action sports footwear and clothing. He obtained a certificate in Solar Energy Technology from Hudson Valley Community College and is certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. He is a seasoned renewable energy finance professional and is passionate about creating products that get people outdoors and earth conscious.

CPO Dan Watts has had an awarding-winning career in brand identity through design and product development. With degrees in applied design from San Diego State University, he started his own consulting business and worked in project management and product marketing. He participated in the design, branding, and marketing of the FLATED automotive accessories.

CFO Monique Keefer was once a financial guru for Surftech, a company that manufactures surfboards with sustainable technology and unites shapers and surfers in a global and collaborative community. At various times, she has specialized in wholesale, manufacturing and distribution but also has substantial experience in food and beverage, recreation and construction.

CMO Ken Hoeve is a “jack of all outdoor sports.” He has been heavily involved in the outdoor industry for more than 30 years, and it seems like he knows everyone! He is always thinking of new product ideas and excels at authentic marketing campaigns using athletes, ambassadors and affiliates to get the word out.

The founders got together and drew up their own “wish lists” for the perfect vehicle accessories that simplify outfitting the vehicles of all road nomads so they set off relaxed and excited.

  • Reduce the amount of molded plastic in the world. Bulky plastic cargo carriers and truck toppers take up a huge amount of space in your home, and they will take up that same amount of space in a landfill one day.
  • Use the most advanced technology for inflatable materials. That would be the Drop Stitch material (tens of thousands of polyester stitches) that inflates into rock-hard rigidity and deflates into a flexible material that rolls up for compact storage.
  • PVC coating with high tear strength protects from high UV rays and other extreme outdoor conditions.
  • Polyurethane-glued seams create a superior bond for the side seams.
  • Produce innovative designs to bring the ultimate in road-worthy automotive accessories.

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FLATED Products


The Air-Topper is a shell that clamps to the truck bed for complete containment. It comes in three sizes and fits most truck beds. The slab-sided surfaces are made from the same material as inflatable stand-up paddle boats. When it is inflated, it is rigid enough to hold up against any wear and tear and pliable enough to absorb impact. When deflated, it rolls right up and stores in the garage or any closet. Inflating and deflating is easy with the included hand pump or the optional powered pump.


The Air-Carrier is a rooftop cargo carrier with dual side access that adds up to 23 cubic feet of storage to the roof of any vehicle. At 23 pounds empty, the installation is a one-person job. It’s easy on, easy off. With the integrated strap rack system, the Air-Carrier can be used on nearly any vehicle.


The Air-Deck is an inflatable raised deck used with the Air-Topper to make your truck bed a cozy sleeping space. It can also be used in vans, RVs, and SUVs solves the sleep space issue without reducing storage space. You sleep on the elevated platform with any gear stored beneath. Integrated pockets provide quick access for smaller items and the valve port allows for swift inflation.


The Air-Chalet allows your pet to join you on your adventure. Think rigid-padded bounce house for Rover or Tabby. The inflatable structure provides a firm, shock-absorbing yet forgiving environment. Multiple screened windows and ceiling allow for ventilation, and the full front, quick zip door gives easy access. You can use the Air-Chalet while traveling, outdoors and indoors. It goes from living room floor to backseat to cargo space.


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