SparkCharge Electric Car Charger

Electric cars are an important development in the effort to reduce carbon emissions and the damage being done by them to the environment. While they are increasing in popularity, electric cars are also the source of one more anxiety to be added to the already overloaded human being–“range anxiety!” Most potential electric automobile owners probably ask themselves what happens if their battery dies before they reach their destination.

Charging stations for electric vehicles are certainly more prevalent than they were just a few short years ago, but roadside assistance for electric vehicles, particularly in less populated areas, may be a problem.

Joshua Aviv, Christopher Ellis and Richard Whitney are determined to make ownership of electric vehicles as attractive as possible to anyone who might decide against them due to range anxiety. Their company has created a compact, portable and fast charging system for automobile service providers, and are working to create a network of providers around the country. They are actively seeking automobile business owners, large and small, to partner with them and expand their capacity to respond to the needs of electric vehicle owners.

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The three founders of SparkCharge bring a lot of education and work background to support their joint endeavor. Joshua Aviv, CEO, holds a BA in Economics and a Masters in Information Management and Data Science from Syracuse University. He recently won the world’s largest pitch competition, 43North. Chris Ellis, Chief Technical Officer, holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from UC San Diego, and specializes in power supply design and energy storage systems. Richard Whitney, Chief Engineer, earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and has a background in electrical design, robotics, software engineering, and air traffic control software and protocols.

The partners are supported by a team of engineers, marketing specialists and support staff, all of whom they consider family. SparkCharge as a business rests on a framework of commitment to sustainability, including concern for the family lives of their employees. In return, their employees are also committed to improving the environment and putting in the hard work to make that improvement possible.

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The company has already achieved impressive funding results, totaling $5 million since SparkCharge’s launch in 2017. Zaid Ashai, a Venture Partner at Point Judith Capital, noted that sales of electric vehicles are outpacing the infrastructure needed to support the rapidly growing market. SparkCharge is determined to narrow the gap through their innovative charging system which will enable a wide range of roadside assistance providers to respond to the needs of electric car owners.

Each SparkCharge module can generate at a rate of one mile every 60 seconds, eight times faster than the standard wired charging stations. They are manufactured in the United States, and come in stackable modules that can be combined to provide additional wattage and charging speed.

Currently in development is an app that will allow electric vehicle owners to easily access information on providers in the local area, thus “supplying energy on demand anytime and anywhere.”

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