Beard Head – Beanie Hat with Beard

We’re heading into winter, and that means plenty of men are growing their beards out for a little extra warmth. But if you’re not cultivating a face forest, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the bearded fun… just grab a bearded beanie hat from the Beard Head line of products!

The founder of Beard Head started the company in 2006 after a frustrating skiing and snowboarding trip when the bandana he’d fashioned to cover his face kept slipping off. He brainstormed ways to design a face covering that would stay in place, and the Beard Head was born. Beard Heads are beanie hats with a detachable knitted, fluffy or long beard built-in. Most Beard Heads also feature moustaches to keep your entire face toasty and warm.

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Ideal as a novelty gift (they even come in newborn size!) Beard Heads are a witty and provocative statement piece that will definitely turn heads while you’re out and about! They offer a range of classic beard styles (stubble, bushy, Santa, and more) or you can get some headwear from their “tailgating” line in your team colors. The company has also secured a license for their “Duck Dynasty” line of Beard Head beanie hats, so you can sport the same beards as Willie, Si, Jase or Willie – instantly!

Beard Head now proudly calls itself the largest bearded headwear brand on Earth (it’s good to be a big fish in a small pond) and they are sold in thousands of stores all over the world. Beard Head’s designs have been seen in major magazines, newspapers, TV shows and even in feature film!

The company produces all its Beard Hats at its warehouse in Los Angeles, so supporting Beard Head is a great way to support American-made manufacturing. The company is constantly working on new designs, finding fun new styles, and discovering innovative materials for the next great Beard Head.

How does it feel to wear one? Well, you’ll definitely be warm and comfortable on a cold day, and rocking a full beard can’t help but make you feel a little more macho. If you’ve ever wished you could grow a beard but can’t, or you’re looking for a fun way to stay warm as winter approaches, grab a Beard Head and embrace your inner mountain man!

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