BearTek – Bluetooth Smart Gloves

We’ve all been there: you’re stuck out in the cold at a sporting event or some outdoor activity, bound in thick jackets polyester gloves, when you feel your phone buzz in your pocket. Suddenly you’re forced to make a choice. Will you pull off your gloves and expose your fingers to the bitter cold in order to answer, or just let it ring?

What if it’s an emergency? By the time you pull all five fingers out of the glove and make the phone stop ringing, of course, you realize that it’s never an emergency when you have to go through that much trouble to answer the phone.

Willie Blount and Tarik Rodgers of BearTek wanted to end this most egregious of human conundrums once and for all. With the ingenious invention of their Bluetooth SmartGloves, they seek to provide “safety, convenience and control” to every person in the world, from the ski slope to the sidewalk.

BearTek Bluetooth SmartGloves were designed for the everyday adventurer. With gloves for classic wear, snow sports and motorcycling, they have something for everyone. Their durable leather-and-nylon construction offers protection from the elements, while cleverly hiding their most amazing features.

BearTek gloves allow users to remotely control their smartphone or GoPro camera with just a few fingertip touches. The most unsafe thing a skier or cycler can do while out in the elements is reach in their back pocket for their phone while on the road. With BearTek gloves, you never have to do so. Simply tap your thumb to one of several nodes on your fingers to wirelessly control music, phone or camera actions.

Blount and Rodgers’ creations have been making headlines with positive reviews from CBS, CNBC, Mashable and Gizmodo. As they state on their website, their ultimate desire is for every pair of protective gloves in the world to be “Powered by BearTek”. If they keep up the excellent work, that achievement is surely in the cards for this brand.

Update: BearTek Gloves have been discontinued.

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