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Bermies is more than a brand of swimwear. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a community of people who explore the great outdoors and have a serious commitment to protecting our oceans. They share photos of their adventures and at-risk sea life on Instagram @bermies.

The swimwear is cutting-edge. The shorter inseam is a more confident, more stylish look than the board shorts that are certainly past their prime. The high-quality material in Bermies, 90% polyester that dries fast and 10% Lycra that adds elasticity, has a four-way stretch for a smart fit and the ultimate in comfort whether you are enjoying the water or chilling out on the sand. The trunks have a drawstring waist, mesh side pockets and a Velcro rear pocket with a key ring. No more wondering where your keys are when you get back to shore.

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There are currently two styles of Bermies. The sportier original cut has an inseam of 3.5 inches in sizes small and medium and 4.5 inches in large and extra-large, and the classic cut has an inseam of 5 inches and 6 inches depending on the size.

Uki Deane came up with the idea for Bermies when he was so over the board shorts. He liked the shorter European styles that were out of his price range. He kept searching for his perfect swim trunks—sure that they were out there somewhere. And then one day there they were, right in front of him. He was in his native Buenos Aires at a pool party to catch up with his friends, and many of the guys showed up in rugby shorts. Uki felt like he had struck gold! He immediately started to research what he needed to do to use the basic design of rugby shorts to produce stylish, comfortable and affordable swim trunks.

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Uki has the perfect background for his venture—an unbeatable combination of financial and marketing savvy and a creative spirit with a dual degree from Duke in marketing and the visual arts and further study of cinematic arts and cinematography at USC. He hadn’t planned on a career in fashion, but in doing so, he didn’t fall far from the family tree. His American father’s mother was instrumental in the launch of “The Tobe Report” in 1927, published by The Wall Street Journal and the first “trend spotter” in the fashion industry. His Argentinian mother was a high-fashion model.

Uki takes care of the artistic side of the business himself—the photography, illustrations, videos and the whimsical, bold and colorful stylized designs that Bermies are known for: fish, lobsters, turtles, sailboats, pineapples. He pays homage to Bermuda, where he spent his summers as a youth at his father’s family home. It’s where he learned to swim and boat and fish. And it’s where his love affair with the ocean began. His most popular designs are “Village by the Sea” reminiscent of Bermuda’s brightly colored houses with white roofs and “Scooters,” the popular and playful mode of transportation around the island.

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Uki donates 10% of his profits to organizations such as the Ocean Cleanup and the Ocean Conservancy, both of which are committed to preserving and protecting marine life, fighting ocean pollution, and educating people on the dire results of using the ocean as a ginormous trash bin. Seabirds, whales and sea turtles are only a few of our maritime friends suffering and dying due to discarded plastic.

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