Bev Buckle – Beverage Holding Belt Buckle

Have you ever needed to set your beer down, but didn’t have anywhere convenient to do so? Have you set your drink down at a bar and lost it? You’ll never have to worry about that problem again with The Bev Buckle.

The Bev Buckle is a functional, yet fashionable accessory. It looks like a standard buckle, but folds down to reveal a hidden beverage holder. When you fold the face of the buckle down, a spring loaded copper ring pops up and stays in place. The bottom of your drink sits on the backside of the buckle and the copper ring keeps your drink locked in.

You no longer have to ask your friends to hold your beer before you do something stupid. Just pop it into your belt buckle and go hog wild. You’ll even have access to your drink in case you get thirsty during your escapade.

The Bev Buckle fits any standard belt with a 1.5” belt bracket. It comes in a number of designs including El Jefe that prominently features a stylish handlebar mustache, the LiL Big State with the state of Texas represented in leather, and the Bayou with swanky gator leather.

The Bev Buckle holds more than just beer. It’s perfect for any canned or bottled beverage. It holds your drink while you take a picture, use your phone, or for any activity that requires two hands. It’s perfect for concerts or festivals where you don’t want to constantly hold your drink, but you don’t want to sit it on the ground. Use it while fishing or at a sporting event. Anywhere where you need a drink and two hands, The Bev Buckle is perfect for you.



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