BootayBag Women’s Underwear Subscription

There has to be a better way! Like so many entrepreneurs before her, that’s what Elly Gheno thought as she rummaged through the bins of bargain undies hunting for that most elusive of finds: underpants in her size and style that were not irregulars and not bearing grinning images of Pennywise.

The next time that Elly received her monthly cosmetics subscription box, she had her “AHA!” moment. She had enough cosmetics to last her for the next decade. No matter how much fun getting the box was, she couldn’t afford it any longer, especially when she didn’t need most of this month’s contents. What did she need? She needed undies. She couldn’t be the only woman who wanted stylish, affordable underwear and would love not to have to shop for it. Like a subscription service for the coolest underwear ever! The next day Elly had her BootayBag website up and running.

Elly had secretly wanted to be an entrepreneur all of her life. Her parents had their own businesses. But it didn’t seem to be in the cards for her. She had not been real fond of school; she struggled through high school and dropped out of college early on. So no education or experience in business. No money to get a business started. What were the chances?

Turned out that Elly’s chances were excellent. She had always been told she is hardheaded, always said as a criticism. But hardheaded also means resolute, astute, sharp-witted—all great qualities for a budding entrepreneur. Those qualities, her excitement and her belief in her business propelled her forward—against all odds.

So her improv website was not the best. No matter. It was good enough to get her message out to the ladies tired of shopping for low-cost underwear and excited about getting pretty things in the mail. At first, Elly bought undies in stores, wrapped them in fancy tissue paper, included a personal note, and mailed them out in recycled Amazon boxes. BootayBag took off. Once Elly had customers, she asked them for feedback, then used their comments (both good and bad) to provide a better product and service. She also found generous mentors, female entrepreneurs who inspired her and shared the lessons that they learned from both their successes and their failures.

Now Elly is CEO of a company that has reinvented the way women shop for underwear with affordable, beautiful undies arriving in the mail every month according to their preferences.

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BootayBag Kudos

BootayBag is one of the hottest subscription services out there. It is always ranked in the top 10 when it comes to underwear subscriptions:

  • Number 3 on
  • Number 2 on and
  • Number 1 on and

How BootayBag Works

Each month, the designers produce two thongs, two coverage undies (cheeky/bikini), and a bralette or two. They like to offer something for every taste and size.

Members sign up to receive one, two, or four pairs of undies a month and select their choice of styles: Always Thong, Never Thong, or Mix It Up.

You can wait and be surprised when your pouch arrives, or you can see the monthly selections on the BootayBag website, Facebook, or Instagram.

  1. Select the subscription type: 1-pair, 2-pair, 4-pair.
  2. If you have selected 1-pair or 2-pair, select style preference (Always Thong, Never Thong or Mix It Up). The 4-pair package offers all four pairs in that month’s collection.
  3. Select your size from x-small to x-large.
  4. You may add a bralette to your order or not.

That’s all you have to do! Then wait for that wonderful bag to arrive in the mail.

Earn BootayBag Rewards

  • Refer a friend and earn 600 points and friend receives 50% off first bag.
  • Receive points on your birthday.
  • Follow BootyBag on Facebook and earn 10 points, Instagram 10 points, Twitter 10 points.
  • Use Instagram hashtag #bootaybag and receive 100 points (once a month).
  • Earn points according to your purchasing history.

Being Part of the BootayBag Community

BootayBag has gone beyond being a brand or a business. It is a community by women for women who recognize their inner beauty and that of others. There is no place for haters on BootayBag’s social media. The focus is on promoting positive body images and living a happy life!

As a community, they reach out to others:

  • BootayBag partners with The Undies Project to donate thousands of pairs of panties to women’s shelters and other women-related charities.
  • Whenever #undermatters is used on social media, BootayBag donates one dollar to the Melanoma Foundation.

As part of the global community, they use only vendors who are committed to labor ethics and only work with Fair Trade Certified Factories. They have a ways to go to be a truly sustainable brand, but are working toward that goal and expect to reach it in the near future.

Shark Tank Air Date: 10/23/20 – Season 12 – Episode 2


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