Booty Queen Apparel

The only thing better than starting a journey toward being strong and fit, is looking great while doing it. When it comes to fitness, Booty Queen Apparel seeks to marry the two with a line of high-quality fitness gear for women that’s perfect for those post-workout selfies. Crafted by husband and wife team Amanda Latona Kuclo and Steve Kuclo, this line features leggings, tees and more that are crafted to accentuate a woman’s form, while giving the next-to-skin feeling you need to focus on getting those gains you’re looking for.

Booty Queen Apparel started long before the leggings hit shelves. Kuclo is an IFBB Pro Bikini Champion with 10 years of experience in competitions and training. With her long background in fitness, she wanted to create a line of clothing for women, by women—designed for performing in the gym. She figured—what woman doesn’t want to feel beautiful while they train?


Kuclo started the process of designing her line around the time of her wedding to Bodybuilder Steve. Given that she spent a large amount of time in the gym, she knew exactly what she wanted from her clothing. She wanted a great fit that she didn’t have to worry about pulling and tugging on throughout her workout. She also craved a great look that she could feel great in while she hit the weights. That’s when Booty Queen Apparel was born.

There are many lines of fitness apparel geared toward women, but what helps Booty Queen Apparel stand out is it’s focus on both form and function, rather than one or the other. The moisture-wicking fabric of the original leggings helps to prevent chafing and discomfort, especially during challenging high-intensity workouts. A high-cut waistband eliminates muffin top and the need to constantly lift up the hem as women squat, burpee and jump. A stretchy blend of nylon and spandex contours with the body in motion. Plus, every pair features trendy cutouts, mesh details and more for a compliment-worthy look in the gym.

Co-founding couple, The Kuclo’s, bring a background embedded in the fitness industry to the table with Booty Queen Apparel. Amanda Latona is a fitness competitor, TV host, model and more, with an emphasis on bikini competitions and expert knowledge. Steve is an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Allmax Athlete, Weider Athlete and Icon Meals Athlete. He also serves as a firefighter/paramedic. The couple operates Booty Queen Apparel in their hometown of Dallas, TX. Before Booty Queen Apparel’s launch in 2015, the couple owned VIP Supplement Warehouse in Dallas, where athletes can buy supplements to help them compete—however they prefer to train.

The Kuclo’s focus is on bringing styling products to market that women will look forward to wearing as they head to their workout. With their background in fitness and large followings based on their performances as athletes, this couple has found a sweet spot in the market. Fitness apparel is taking off in retail with so many new styles to choose from, and Booty Queen Apparel offers a new take (backed by real athletes) to the marketplace. The brand continues to expand, now offering hoodies, tees and more to fitness-minded customers.

UPDATE: Booty Queen Apparel is no longer in business.

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