Dapper Boi Body-Inclusive Fashion

Dapper Boi is an innovative body-inclusive apparel line that aims to transform the world by changing the way people dress. Founded in 2015 by the dynamic married couple, Vicky and Charisse Pasche, this brand breaks the mold of traditional fashion by offering a wide range of sizes and styles to suit diverse body shapes and preferences.

Vicky Pasche, the founder and CEO of Dapper Boi, was disillusioned with her shopping experiences. Unable to find clothes that fit her body shape and style in the men’s or women’s sections, Vicky embarked on a quest to create gender-neutral, size-inclusive clothing. Fueled by her passion and personal experiences, she teamed up with her wife, Charisse, and together they created Dapper Boi.

From the onset, the couple faced numerous challenges, including downsizing their living space and dealing with skeptical manufacturers. Despite these hurdles, they persevered and established a unique business model that has since set the company apart from its competitors.

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The Mission of Dapper Boi

Dapper Boi’s mission is to provide everyone with access to affordable, stylish clothes that fit both their body and, more importantly, their personality. Through their clothing line, the founders aim to help people feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin. Dapper Boi believes that changing clothes can change lives and strives to make a positive impact on the world by promoting identity and a sense of belonging.

The Unique Business Model

Dapper Boi employs a three-stage business model that ensures customers have access to high-quality, affordable clothes:

  • Introduction Pricing: Dapper Boi launches new products at significantly discounted introductory prices, allowing customers to save up to 45% off new releases.
  • In Production: After the introductory pricing campaigns, which last for three weeks, products go into production. Customers can still pre-order these items at retail prices.
  • In Stock: Finally, the products become available for purchase at regular retail prices and are ready to ship immediately.

This innovative approach allows Dapper Boi to continuously offer new products while making premium clothing accessible to a wider audience.

The Founders’ Background and the Birth of Dapper Boi Jeans

Vicky Pasche, originally from upstate New York, with a successful career in marketing and working in casinos, did not have a background in fashion. Her passion for style ignited when she started dressing in a way that reflected her identity. Charisse Pasche, on the other hand, had a background in sales, management, and business psychology. Their combined skills and experience set the stage for the development of Dapper Boi.

The couple’s journey to creating the perfect pair of jeans began with research, as they studied the best features of both men’s and women’s jeans. With the help of a manufacturer who believed in their concept, they combined these elements to create a sample that catered to both men and women. Their vision became a reality in early 2015, and the brand was launched with a successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised over $26,000.

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The Dapper Boi Difference

Dapper Boi’s jeans are designed to bridge the gap between men’s and women’s styles. The brand focuses on incorporating functional and fashionable features, such as deep pockets and fabrics that complement curves. Dapper Boi understands that both men and women can have curves and strives to offer flattering, trendy options for all body types.

Dapper Boi is redefining the fashion industry with its body-inclusive, gender-neutral apparel line. By offering high-quality, affordable clothing that caters to diverse body shapes and styles, the brand is changing the way people dress and empowering them to express their true selves.


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