DudeRobe Bathrobe For Men

Calling all dudes looking for a fresh, unpretentious leisurewear option that’s stylishly dope and isn’t too wimpy. DudeRobe is that go-to wardrobe choice for any casual occasion when your average dude just wants to kick back and still look like a million bucks of rugged manliness.

A refreshing break from the dated, ordinary, decades-old tender robe that’s often thought of as too lightweight and feminine for today’s modern man, DudeRobe is the preferred choice for guys who want the water and sweat absorbency of a robe and the chill look of a hoodie while still exuding confidence and coolness when in the company of other bros, that special lady, or even less familiar folks around the neighborhood.

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With four versatile pieces to choose from or pair together (Robe, Hoodie, Shorts, and Pants), DudeRobe is the latest dude-approved product that blends the comfort of the traditional bathrobe with today’s athleisurewear look so bros everywhere can stop being shamed for sporting some terry.

Who better to come up with “the first robe made for dudes” than Howie Busch, a seasoned inventor and the developer of a successful substitute for the travel neck pillow, not to mention a former attorney and sports agent with an impressive résumé of previous clients, closed deals, and plenty of dude-related experience.

A New Yorker with a knack for knowing what products work and what sells, Busch decided to give the brotailer market a go. Determined to tap into a neglected corner of men’s apparel, Busch developed his first gender-specific robe prototype with a bunch of terrycloth towels from Walmart and help from his tailor, and after two years of design refinement, the DudeRobe was born.

Busch defends the logic behind his niche robe, addressing critics by saying, “…bathrobes have always been unisex and haven’t changed much over the years, so from my perspective it was long overdue”. Busch believes that DudeRobe bridges the divide between old-school bathrobe lovers and all those other fellas who wouldn’t touch the robe-toting Hugh Hefner look with a ten-foot pole.

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These trendsetting contemporary sweats are much more than what meets the eye. All four pieces come lined in cushy terrycloth towel (even the hood) with “premium sweatshirt material” on the outside that looks and hangs on a dude like his beloved all-purpose hoodie. The length of the robe falls over the backend yet well above the knee so dudes don’t feel like they’re sporting a dress when they step out of the shower, hit the gym, or chillax at the beach. The DudeRobe logo stretches down the back of the hood as well as along the drawstrings with the classic shield and spear male symbol shooting from the letter O. Both the robe and the sporty hoodie feature spacious front pockets and a hidden inside pocket, while the shorts and pants boast roomy legs, a comfortable waistband, and a button fly so all that manliness can stay in check and out of sight.

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DudeRobe likes to keep things simple for its fan base, so there are only two sizes (S/M or L/XL) and two color options (navy blue or heather gray) to choose from. Bros can purchase the individual pieces or mix and match the entire ensemble any day of the week and always come out a winner. If the success of its Kickstarter campaign (over 200% funded) is any indication of its widespread appeal, DudeRobe may very well be the next menswear phenomenon.

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