Only a few short years ago a new trend hit the rave and EDC scenes – Gloving. Gloving is the art of giving a light show using lighted gloves. The trend has spread from the world of EDC and has been seen in other forms of art and dance. Not long ago, many across America got to experience it for the first time on the TV show America’s Best Dance Crew.

Gloving allows your hands to become an extension of your emotions. Your fingers produce a mesmerizing pattern of lights and movements unlike any other light shows. It’s performed by experts in the dance and EDC scenes, but it’s easy for beginners to pick up. All you need is a set of glove lights.

EmazingLights is the most trusted source for anything related to gloving. They produce the highest quality gloves and lights used by beginners and professionals alike. While they offer everything from basic LEDs to the super high-end, their most popular set is the eZLite Glove Set.

The eZLite Glove Set has everything you need to get started with gloving. The set contains Emazing’s white Magic Stretch gloves, 10 premium LED lights with the eZLite microchip, 20 batteries, and a protective tray. These lights produce 20 different colors in 3 different patterns, giving your creativity free range to shine.

The eZLite microchip is what makes the eZLite Glove Set magic. There’s nothing else like it anywhere close to this price range. It allows you to program each light individually using one, two or three colors. You are in full control of your light show.

Each light is programmed through the light itself. There’s no need for anything external. The innovative system works via a series of clicks with visual feedback from the light itself. With just a few clicks you’ll have programmed each light in a 1, 2 or 3 strobe pattern in any combination of the 20 colors available. That’s it. You’re set to perform the coolest light show your friends have ever seen.

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