Enso Silicone Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are a meaningful symbol of love and devotion for many couples, but for people with an active lifestyle they often get in the way. Rings frequently need to be removed for daily activities like working, cooking, showering, or exercise to prevent damage or loss. Aside from the hassle of having to perpetually safeguard them, rigid metal rings can actually be quite dangerous as they can get caught on tools or equipment, resulting in horrible accidents and missing fingers.

This type of injury is called avulsion, which is when a body part is forcefully detached. It’s actually a lot more common than you probably realize – there are more than 150,000 accidents like his every year in the US. Ring avulsion not only pulls the skin completely off the finger, it also rips away nerves, tendons, and bone. These finger injuries are referred to as a “degloving”, because the skin and flesh are pulled away like taking off a glove. The damage is typically so extensive that reattachment is not an option.

These types of terrible accidents can actually occur in the normal course of your day, it doesn’t just happen to rock climbers or mechanics. Most of these injuries happen to everyday people while doing mundane things. In 2015, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon learned this the hard way, when he nearly tore off his finger as he tripped on a rug and got his ring caught on a counter.

Aside from the hidden dangers of metal wedding rings, they also just get in the way for lots of people. A house painter needs to remove their ring to prevent damaging it with paints and solvents; a weight lifter can have trouble getting grip on their barbell; a guitar player needs to be able to maneuver their hands unencumbered. Many rings can be damaged by cleaning products, salt water, sweat or any number of other things they may come in contact with.

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These are the reasons that entrepreneurs Brighton Jones and Aaron Dalley created Enso rings, a flexible silicone alternative to traditional wedding bands. Brighton is a travel and adventure enthusiast who is rumored to sleep on a bed of silicone rings, and co-founder Aaron is a maker and outdoorsman who is always seeking out a challenge. Together they’ve made a safe, practical, and comfortable wedding band option, perfect for people with an active lifestyle or people that work with their hands. They are also quite a bit more affordable than a typical wedding ring.

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Enso rings are made to take plenty of abuse, they never need to be removed, and they won’t rip off your finger. All their products are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Silicone is hypoallergenic, so it’s a good choice for people with sensitivities to metals found in conventional wedding rings. Silicone is also non-conductive, so it’s perfect for electricians.

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Enso offers lots of design choices for men and women’ rings. Their Classic all-silicone version, a wide band in a single color, is where it all started. They have stackable rings that can be combined to create a variety of textures and colors, and proceeds from their Hero Stack collection support first responders and their families. For sports fans there are Sports Stacks available in team colors. They also make an Ultralite line of rings, that are so lightweight and comfortable you’ll forget that you’re wearing them. And for people who who want a hybrid between traditional precious metals and silicone, there is Enso’s collection of Elements rings which are infused with real metals like gold or silver.

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