The Lapel Project – Custom Jacket Lapels

There aren’t a lot of options for men to accessorize their formal attire. Trends in men’s fashion change very little over long periods of time. The pocket square made its first appearance in the Late Bronze Age, and the necktie has been around since the 17th century.

Sebastian Garcia, creator of The Lapel Project, wants to shake things up by using the jacket lapel as a canvas for self expression and personal style. A custom lapel is a striking accent can that transform any stodgy, forgettable suit into a work of art. Custom lapels are also a great option for marketing or branding messages and group identity (clubs, teams, staff, etc).


Custom lapels are easily removable, so the same jacket can be re-invented with a new look for any occasion. Need a tuxedo but don’t want to rent or buy? The Lapel Project has products that can tuxedo-fy a simple dinner jacket.

To apply a custom lapel, simply lay your jacket on a flat surface and unfold the lapel. Remove the plastic backing from your new lapel and stick it to your jacket using light pressure. The no-mess adhesive is easy to remove and won’t do any damage to delicate fabrics. Fold the lapel back over to its regular position and you’re ready to go.



You can create your own custom lapel design using the tools on the Lapel Project website, or choose from a variety of ready-made designs including the 007, the Blue Velvet, Camo print, The Red Devil, The Peg Bundy and more. Custom lapels fit 4 standard lapel styles – the peak lapel, notch lapel, narrow notch, and shawl.

The Lapel Project supports charities like Ronald McDonald House with donated resources and time.

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