Man-Pack – Rugged Bags for Men

The man purse. The derogatory name given to bags carried by men. Why was there ever a need for a derogatory term? The fact of the matter is, masculine bags are practically impossible to find. Most for whatever reason are quite feminine. That’s exactly why the Man-PACK was created.

Designed by a general contractor after being unable to find a bag that wouldn’t make him the butt of jokes on the job site, the Man-PACK is made for the manliest of men. All of this masculinity doesn’t come at the expense of comfort either. Whether worn over the shoulder or across the chest, the bag sits vertically on your lower back, evenly distributing weight and reducing strain.


The Man-PACK is made from heavy-duty cotton canvas duck and features a large main pocket that will hold 8 x 11 notebooks and papers, a padded pocket for tablets or small laptops, multiple pockets inside and out for smaller items, a collapsible water bottle holder and a pocket for a cell phone on the chest strap.

The Man-PACK also comes in a larger 2.0 XL version. Made from 600D Kordra for superior durability and water resistance, the 2.0 XL is 15.5 inches x 11.75 inches, providing ample room for full size laptops. The neoprene lined rear pocket is padded to hold a laptop, tablet or concealed firearm.

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